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For your consideration: Monstress by Marjorie Liu, it's pretty amazing.

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Unofficial Best Of 2010 (20 Game Edition)

My favourite games of 2010 which I've played. This differs from my GB User GotY list in so much as it includes other games I really enjoyed this year, as well as games not released in the US during 2010 (e.g. Two Worlds 2).

List items

  • Pitch-perfect battle system and insane amounts of creativity. Has some of the greatest boss battles I've ever played. A massive "Fuck You!" to all those who think Japan is stagnating in terms of it's game development.

  • Fallout 3 was my favourite game of 2008, New Vegas is just as good. Although the new additions are nothing major, the essense of what made F3 so special remains (large open world, great hidden quests, loot, atmosphere, freedom to wander...)

    From a narrative perspective the best game by far in 2010, with barely a cutscene in sight.

  • This knock-off of a Zelda clone is, by virtue of its 'borrowed' mechanics, much better than most games of 2010. Satisfying combat and great dungeon design are its main strengths. The horseback combat is divine, the boss battles don't outstay their welcome and the overblown, portentous tone of the whole thing is charming in its silliness.

  • Superb world, great characters and just a joy to play. Happily retains a sense of it's cultural origins.

  • Best atmosphere of any game in 2010. Well paced, great characters and plot. Surprisingly varied for an FPS in terms of it's objectives. Poor gunplay only added to the oppressive enviornment. Like Fable III, is a game very much a product of where it's from, rather than where its trying to appeal.

  • Although Rapture is not as amazing as last time, the game hits home in it's final third.

  • Perverse, funny, stupid...and tons of fun to play. The bosses, as ever, are a real delight.

  • Just staggering how much better this is from the original. Graphics, combat and the that motherfucking voice acting have all been given a decent kick up the backside to make it a real treat.(2010 German Import)

  • Epic indeed.

  • Although neither a fan of RTSs or multiplayer in any form, Starcraft II was great fun. The campaign was meaty and the tight gameplay and production values made it much easier to get into. Surprisingly accessible for a newcomer like me.

  • Beautiful, refined changes ontop of that still addicting gameplay.

  • Vastly improved combat and some of the best characterisations seen in a game. Awful game structure, poor use of said great characters and lack of any decent actual plot keeps it from top spot.

  • surprised by the lukewarm reviews for this. Tight controls, great pacing and some satisfying combat (much more so than the Original Sands of Time).

  • Stray dog of the year. I accept all the criticisms, but I found it inexplicably fun to play, even on hard. Looks nice as well.

  • Similar to Bayonetta in it's mechanical/technical qualities, just needed to have been a little more creative with it's world and characters. A nice upgrade from your standard third person cover shooter.

  • Could have been really really good. Let down by a camera that zooms too far out, an abysmal framerate and Patrick Stewart's lacklustre voice overs (more actual cutscenes please). That said, the mix of combat, puzzles and boss fights were handled well and the mid-game vampire castle chapters were awesome.

  • Gorgeous setting, great characters and a decent plot helps to mask the sometimes finiky controls and technical issues. Some great music and lots of side quests help to round out this nice package.

  • Seems to be a rather divisive title, but I had a great time with it. Lots of great loot, some quite inventive quests and it rewards you for exploration.

  • God of War clone? Yes, but even so I loved it for the same reasons as Prince of Persia. Plus I love the asthetics.

  • As a game, somewhat boring. As a story, somewhat awful. However it's probably the prettiest game I've ever seen and well worth seeing for it's fantastic looking world and art design.