It's THAN, not THEN!

When I'm on the internet, I usually try not to be a "grammar Nazi," as the kids like to call them. But there's one thing, that no matter how many times I see, it ALWAYS makes me angry. And what is this, you ask? 
Well, it's when people use the word "then" when they really mean "than." For example: 
Incorrect: I like this game more then that other game.  
Correct: I like this game more than that other game. 
Incorrect: There are more dogs then cats.  
Correct: There are more dogs than cats.  
Then is used in the context of time. I went to the park, and then I saw some dogs. You turn the car on, then you drive.  
Than is used when comparing things. Pizza is better than broccoli. I'd rather eat broccoli (which I hate) than read people miss use the word then.  
So, my question is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Did you not pay ANY attention during English class in school? Do you just not care? Just typing fast, push the wrong button, and you don't take the time to make sure you used the correct word?  
And I CAN'T take it. All it does is make the writer look like an idiot for not knowing the proper grammar, or for not caring.  
Now, I'm not going try and say that I use proper grammar all the time, but I don't do anything as glaringly wrong as that (at least I don't think I do).  
Anyway, does anyone else get this angry over stupid little things on the internet like this?