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Another Crazy Ass Prediction About The Next Assassin's Creed Game

After my previous prediction that Ezio will find himself in the just discovered America, (to be frank I said he will be on Columbus' ship and discover America, but according to the game's time line America has already been discovered) I'm ready to give it another go.
According to the new trailer, the one with Desmond walking in the strange room inside the animus OS or something, I think that at the end of the game we will discover that we are playing someone reliving Desmond's memories, and it is all happening later than 2012. That someone is actually trying to understand what has happened to Desmond in 2012, and to do that we got to play him, playing Altair, Ezio nad Desmond!


AC:B or Dragon Age? Dilema.

Dragon Age is good, hell, its AWESOME! I'm three quarters finished but alas, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood comes out on Friday (in the UK), and I can't decide should I finish DA first and then move to AC:B or take a break from DA? Take into account that I generally only have time to play on weekends and that DA is AWESOME!. What you guys say?


Mass Effect Save File Converter.

I'm currently playing Mass Effect on the PC. (it's actually on my iMac but it's running windows through boot camp, never mind...) As the proud owner of a PS3 I was very happy to hear about the announcement of the upcoming PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, but I have a problem now with migrating my character to Mass Effect  from my PC to the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, an option that was available for the Xbox 360, as far as I knkow.
And now for the question. Is it that hard to have a kind of utility/online tool/PS3 app that converts your 360/PC final save file to the Mass Effect 2 version on the PS3? Do you think Bioware should invest the time to write such a tool? Would you use that tool? I'm defenetly would use that tool and I think they should invest in it.


Deus Ex Human Revolution - Japanese trailer.

The Japanese trailer (Kotaku link) for Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks amazing in Japanese. I hope that the Japanese version of the game comes with English subtitles, if it does I think I prefer playing this game with the Japanese sountrack. Or a much preferred option is to have the japanese soundtrack on all the versions of the game, but unfortunately that will never happen.


Team Ico Rereleases!

AT LAST! Team Ico games, Ico (duh) and Shadow pf the Colossus are coming to the PS3. I can't wait se the HD versions of two of my all time favorites! Nuce one Sony.


AV Club

After months and months of anticipation, I have finally managed to get the AV Club quest! 


First Comment

How the hell will I get the quest for commenting first on a video Done? I will never be able to comment fast enough. DAMN!


Steam on Mac!

As I write these words I'm downloading the Steam client for the Mac. Can't wait to be able to buy game for my primary computer via stem. It's a shame though that we can't user the multiple platform feature on mass effect,
Maybe this move will encourage developers to release more games on both platforms,  maybe even make a Mass Effect port for the mac! after all Apple is not Sony, Microsoft has no quarrel with them ;-)

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