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Repetitive, but excellent combat makes up for it. 0

In this game, you play as Spider-man trying to stop Venom from turning the entire city into monsters with the alien symbiote.  This is an original story, not based off any of the movies, so you don't have to endure Toby Maguire's abysmal voice acting throughout the game.  He's been replaced with someone who comes off sounding roughly about 18 - 22.  Many other reviewers have stated that Spidey's voice actor is annoying and whiney which in some parts it was but overall i thought it was pretty wel...

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Great game that no rpg fan should pass up. 0

Tales of Vesperia is a wonderful action-rpg about Yuri, a teenager from the poor side of the capital city.  His quest starts simple:  obtaining a crystal that powers the local water supply from a thief who stole it.  The story slowly gathers speed and builds into a fight for the survival of the world and mankind itself.StoryThe story starts a little slow but you should have a problem as the main character seems intriguing, albeit the stereotypical archetype of the brooding protagonist.  You'll g...

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