The game I played in my head is not the game I played.

Hello fellow giant bombers. I recently had a very odd experience followed by a very scary realization that I wanted to share with everyone. Please excuse my bad grammer.

A few months ago I got an itch to replay a very favorite game series of mine Legacy of Kain. I thought tomyself "this could be a fun marathon. Start off with Blood Omen and go through each game in the series ending with Legacy of Kain: Defiance. So with that in mind I dusted off my old Phat PS2 and started going through my old game collection. To my complete amazement I couldn't find any of the games so I went to the garage where the boxes are but the only game I could find in that series was Blood Omen 2 my least favorite game in the series and it was the Xbox version. "Shit" I said in my head thinking now I have to find my old Xbox, only to realize that i didn't say it in my head but was a very loud, very audible claim. Then I realized that my 6 year old daughter was standing right behind me with a very distinct 'GASP!" look on her face. To my complete horror she immediately continued to run inside to her mom while yelling "MOMMY! Daddy said shi...Daddy said that bad word I am not supposed to say anymore because last time I said it you took my DS for a whole week" the little shithead totally rat on me. Oh well, I wouldn't expect any less from my daughter. Anyways back on subject. With the game in hand I went a head, found my old xbox still in it's box with a controller, connected it to my TV, fired it up and put the disc in.

Now I have a very vivid memory from that game in which Kain was running on a wall battlements and needing to jump into a into a wobbling window. I replayed throughout the whole game lamenting my lost games and getting pissed at the outdated combat system, and to my surprise I did not get to the part I mentioned before. I started wondering "If it's not from this game, where the hell is it from? Is it from one of the other games in the series? I wrecked my brain wondering where it's from and I couldn't remember where it was from for the life of me, so neutrally I went to my nearest gamestop shop and lucky me they had every game in the series in the store and for dirt cheap. So I went a head replayed every game in the series but alas trace of that part.

Well, a few days ago I was doing some "spring cleaning" my wife suggested I should do, though in reality she meant "I want you to go through and get rid of some of your old shit", anyone here who's married more then 3 years knows that there's always an underlining meaning in what they say. Anyways, while going through my old CD collection and I found a copy of American McGee Alice still in it's cd case. The case was all dirty and broken but to my joy the cd wasn't damaged or scratched...much. I thought to myself "I should play it for nostalgia" as I remember having fond memories when I played it back in 2000.

So with that in mind I finished my cleaning, got rid of some crap to make my wife happy and went a head to play my game. I fired up bootcamp, put the cd in, and a few clicks later I was on my way to play a game I remember liking. I kept playing it until I reached the point where to my surprise I was running along the battlements of a wall trying to jump into a wobbling house window. I paused the game. I thought to myself "How can this be? Why is the memory of one game ended up on another?". I thought and I thought and eventually I reached this conclusion. There's a psychotic game editor running unchecked in my head splicing my game memories. I wonder which other ones he also took his diabolic chemical cutting machine on.

Have you ever mixed the memory of one game with another?