hey everyone!

I finally updated my games list here on GB I have sold most of my PS3 games, some x360 and some WII games. I Haven't sold any 3DS games because I really like to play my 3DS games and of course the biggest grow has happen on the 3DS games section. This is probably going to be most growing section in the future too...

I have tried to look some interesting PS Vita games but it's no go. There is only one game which I have some light interest but I hope to find it on sale someday... this year seems to be bad to PS Vita gamers. I hope Sony brings some big games before christmas! (If you know some great games on the VITA, just tell me just check my games list before saying anything!)

I'm starting my vacation on friday and I'm trying to finish at least 2 games before my vacation is over (about 5 weeks). My main game is "Tales of the abyss" (3DS) which is almost finished but will take me about 5-10hours still to finish. I'm not sure what game will be second one... I have great games on my PS3, PC and 3DS... It's hard to chooce :/

- MorkkiTH -