Divergent Opinions: When I Don't Agree with the Giant Bomb Staff

It's bound to happen, especially when reviews are so totally opinion based on this site rather than the analytical, clinical style of GameSpot of old. That is, I find myself totally disagreeing with the Giant Bomb crew's assessment of certain games from time to time. I tend to be de acuerdo with them more often than not, and that's why I like them and trust their judgment. But every now and then I so totally disagree that it bothers me. So here's a nice little list of the games that have stood out to me the most.
Dead Space 2
Brad raved about this, and Jeff respects it a lot and spoke of it as if it's serious Game of the Year material that Ryan definitely needs to play before those discussions happen. I just played it, being a pretty big fan of the first game, and was screaming at it and ready to rip it to pieces by half way through. It's frustrating and cheaply difficult, it's badly paced and so identical to the first game that I was actually pretty mad at it. The storytelling was better, but the rest was just such a waste. I might even go back to my review and change it from four stars to three. Maybe I'm in the severe minority here, but I was very disappointed by this game. The average Amazon reviews are lower than the first game's though, so maybe not. Brad's statement of "You could have told me it was just more Dead Space..." is annoying, since I actually got sick of the first one before the credits rolled anyway due to poor pacing, and the second game is worse. Ugh.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
I was catching up on old Bombcasts, and Ryan specifically was talking this game up as being a really fun romp. I LOVE me some Mario Bros. and was excited to check it out, and I freaking hate it! It's one of the laziest games Nintendo has made for the Wii this side of Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii. The only good things were done better in the 2006 DS game! It's frustrating, has bad controls, and is really boring. Whatever. I hate it. I may beat it eventually just to spite it, but UGGGGGGHHHH... Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the words of IGN (I think) makes this game look like some sort of fan-made flash game by comparison. It's creative, consistently fun, challenging but fair, and marvelous in every way. I totally agree with Ryan on that one.
Rhythm Heaven
Jeff loves him some Rhythm Heaven, and I love the WarioWare games and other random assortment-style games. I thought it would be a perfect fit. This game, however, is terrible. The controls are unforgivably bad and the objectives are inane. Bleaugh. Hey, but I agree with Jeff on one thing: Picross 3D is pretty flippin' sweet.
Bionic Commando Rearmed
The NES Bionic Commando game is one of my very, very favorite games of all time. It's fun, challenging, and varied. It also has kick-butt music. I was so stoked for this game when I saw the announcement trailer that I nearly wet myself. Then I played it...and it's really dumb. I don't like the remixed music, I don't like the controls at all, I don't like the overall feel of the game or the strange, oversaturated graphics. There's little I like about this game, actually. It feels like a shoddy cash-in. Jeff seemed to love it, though, and it's well liked. Maybe I'm crazy.
Rock Band 3
Let me preface this by saying that overall I think Rock Band 3 is a fantastic improvement over the past iterations and has a ton of great new features. Okay? I'm not crazy here. My trouble is that it's just not mind-blowing in any way. The progression stats and all that are fantastic, but the way things were moved around sometimes makes it hard to access. It's hard to tell where my songs actually came from (Rock Band 2, DLC, Rock Band 3, etc.) and switching around instruments causes you to change to a horrifically ugly default character instead of the one you had saved. My biggest complaint, though, is the poorly implemented keyboard controller. It receives praise from nearly every editorial site I've seen, and I can only chalk that up to the lack of expertise or experience of each of these sources when it comes to playing piano. I've played since I was seven and am a fairly well accomplished pianist in classical, rock, jazz, and many other styles. I can play really, really hard stuff very well. So when I find the keys nigh-on unplayable due to the nit-picky and poorly laid-out nature of Pro Keys, it's a bad sign. Playing piano allows for improvisation and trills, and is dependent on feel, but the nature of the note setup is the requirement of absolute rigid exactness. Sometimes I can't even figure out what I'm messing up. The worst, though, is the notation. Everything seems shifted over one note farther than it actually is, so I rarely read it right even after getting all the keys achievements and practicing hard at it. Would it kill them to allow an option to put the note names above the note line so you at least know where your hands are? Geez...at least playing guitar is still loads of fun. 
I'm probably expecting way too much and being irrational here, but c'mon! I should love to play the keys in this game. It seems like it was made for me!
Fable II 
They openly admit there's lots of problems, but they still love the heck out of this game. I don't know why. I played a bunch of it and it feels like utter garbage. Nothing is right in this poorly-made game, at least in my opinion. Whatever. Play it if you like. Crazy people.
Metroid: Other M
Of all the...this is another example of Brad being crazy I guess. I like the guy a lot and all but...this game is FREAKING TERRIBLE. I love, love, LOVE the Metroid series and have played every single game multiple times, and I even like Ninja Gaiden too. This game is so bad my roommate and I sat in utter shock for the longest time trying to figure out if this was just some kind of practical joke. Thumbs down, everyone! Somebody please shoot me... 
This game was an alright copycat of God of War and Zelda. It was kinda slow-paced and boring a lot of times, and enemies were sometimes weirdly cheap in a way that the gameplay wasn't built for. Actually, the controls were straight-up pretty bad. Jeff seemed to like it a lot though. Not that he thought it was a masterpiece, because it wasn't. Whatever. Good on him I guess. I'd put it more at the three stars range, personally.
Alan Wake
Here's a first for this list: a time when I felt the editors didn't give the game a fair shake. Brad's review was very fair, and he seemed to really enjoy the story and characters and the general action. But when it came to Game of the Year time, everybody talked as if the game was a failure and just didn't live up to expectations. WHAT? This game was LOADS better than freaking Halo Reach and should have gotten the 360 GOTY award. Was this even an honorable mention? I think the gameplay was good up to a little before the end, and the story was one of the best of any game I've ever played. I am going to go back and S-rank this game too. It's amazing, scary, gripping...geez you guys are lame sometimes. On that note, I want to know what unknown, ethereal third-person shooters these guys are playing when they say that Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 are simply passable. Gears of War is better, as is Uncharted, but I can't think of any others that are any better than these. What, is Army of Two better? Kane and Lynch? Heck no.

Now I just have beef with the whole editorial industry, I guess, because nearly EVERYONE openly admits that the gameplay in these games is generally downright awful and the best parts about it are the characters and storylines...which are mainly just overblown, profane stereotypes. Tons of people, after raving about this game in reviews and giving it perfect scores, wanted to go back and modify it because I think the realized how poor it really was. What gives? These guys still gave it GOTY over Gears of War 2 and MGS4 despite the arguing of everyone but Jeff that the actual game part of it was horrible. Brad didn't even want to finish it at all despite the great story because it was so annoying and frustrating. Do you understand it? Maybe I'm just not rough enough. Whatever. I think glorifying gangs and mafias is a bad idea one way or another, even if this game does paint it as an awful world to live in. Whatever. Again, play it if you like it, I guess. It just seems like a collection of everything wrong in games these days.
Prince of Persia
I like the art style of this reboot, but...uh, remember how the first Assassin's Creed was extremely repetitive to the point of being almost painfully boring after a short while? Yeah, this game's even worse, because the stuff you're doing isn't even as cool or fluid as the AC series. Dang it, I really wanted to like this game too because it's so pretty and stuff but...it ain't no Sands of Time, that's for sure. Now THAT was a game. Dang it Brad, you crazy.
Despite this rant, brought on by my recent experience with Dead Space 2, I more often than not find myself agreeing with the assessments these guys put on games and I trust their journalism. But every now and then...geez, you guys...I know an opinion's an opinion, but sometimes you can be straight up wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. Whatever. I'm not suggesting they should change their opinions or their reviews, I just don't agree sometimes. Whatever. Peace.