Best of 2013

MormonWarrior: Best of 2013

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  • One of my favorite games in this series. Seriously a breath of fresh air and a true delight. That title screen sent shivers down my neck. Gosh and now that I think about it this is easily my game of the year by far. Sorry, Rayman.

  • Pure platforming heaven. It was consistently surprising and zany and creative and hilarious and...goshdangit play this game. Playing the Castle Rock level in the demo sold me on a preorder instantly, and I don't regret it one bit. I own three versions of this game now (Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One) and I still just want to keep playing it!

  • Had me enthralled throughout. I was in bitter tears through the end sequences. It really hit me in a hard way. I guess that happens when a strong story dealing with familial loss comes out in a year when I experienced a lot of family loss.

  • The first true sequel to the original, if you ask me. It really expands in some neat ways and the mayoral stuff is cool. I've played over 70 hours of it (and counting!) and I love it!

  • It's a delightful, fun, crazy little platformer. Totally different with lots of people playing. I prefer the style of the Galaxy games but it's still a lot of fun. The cat suit sure makes a difference. And boy, once again Nintendo nails it on the soundtrack. HD and real orchestral soundtracks are two of the best things to happen to Nintendo games.

  • Probably my favorite character action game of all time. Its silky smooth combat felt perfectly balanced against tough, varied enemies. There were also insane boss fights and uniquely twisted environments. I really dig this game.

  • The first game in the series that has really been able to grab me. There's enough tweaks with the way inventory, leveling and progression are managed that makes it easier to swallow the tougher aspects of the game. I kept the permadeath on because I have too much pride. I should probably work on that. Anyway. It's a slick package with interesting character interactions, great scenarios and solid presentation.

  • I rented it from a Redbox and beat it in one (nine-hour) sitting. What a ride! I just wish I'd played the PC version because the art design in this is stunning.

  • I played the whole thing in Spanish and feel sorry for those who haven't - the humor is just so much snappier and wittier than the meme-heavy stuff in English. Also, this game's great. ¿Qué hay carnal?

  • As a late follow-up to Pikmin 2, this is a charming, action-packed strategic good time. It looks nice, the new Pikmin types are novel, and the areas are all interesting and unique with enough challenges to keep things fresh. That end boss was pretty dumb though.

  • HONORABLE MENTION: This gets a special slot just for the title screen music. And the weirdo intro. But it's also a good lot of fun, very challenging, and kind of twisted.