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Summer Sale Madness

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Mortuss's Hall of Shame

When I was a child, there was no game I owned that I hadn't tried mining for fun. Whether it was Battletoads, Duck Hunt, Bionic Commando or even Sesame Street 123/ABC, you could be certain I played it if I got the chance. These days are no more. Whether its an inevitable result of more financial freedom (i'm a sucker for sales) and more responsibilities (like work and Giant Bomb videos) meeting or how intimidating its become to think about digging into the stack, a (shudder) backlog has formed. I'm feeling more and more ashamed of how large the backlog has gotten, and how many good (reputedly) games are in it. I feel like it might be cathartic to show how bad it's gotten in a public forum, so here goes: These are the games I own, but haven't played.

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