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Mortuss's Top Ten GOTY 2014

So here's my list of my favorite games of the year. I know I missed some good ones this year, but whatever right? Only rules are that the game released this year and I played a good amount of it.

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  • On Xbox 360

    From the moment my lady dwarf picked up her greatsword, I felt like I was on a big adventure. Dragon Age Inquisition for me combines most of the best elements of both Origins and 2, while contributing some cool things of it's own. Dragon battles have been intense, the story takes some interesting twists and there is no shortage of things to do. The party is the most interesting of the 3 Dragon Age games as well. While it isn't flawless by any means, I've spent over 80 hours with it so far, and I'm not done. That's some good bang for my buck I'd say.

  • On Playstation Vita

    So, this year I fell in love with The Binding of Isaac. Patrick started playing it after his time with Spelunky and I was enthralled. I couldn't wait until fall to play Rebirth, so I bought the original on Steam. 88 hours plunked into it and I was ready to wait for Rebirth. I was not disappointed. This is probably my favorite "indy game" ever, no lie. Adapting and exploring and making the most of every scrap of resources I can get my hands on never seems to get old. The dark and grotesque themes of the game are just gravy. And boy does it feel natural to play on the Vita.

    I can shoot bombs out of my face!

  • On Xbox 360


    I love Persona, I love Arcsys fighting games. I love this. That's the long and short of it. Creepy Raper Guy is the best new addition to the roster, and his little arc is very fascinating.

  • On Nintendo 3DS

    Every year or two a fighting game comes out, a game that monopolizes my mind share for half the year. Smash was this year's obsession. Did it quite live up to that madness? Mostly, but not quite. I really enjoyed Smash, and everything it had to offer, I just don't think I loved it as much as some of the other games this year. I hope to play the Wii U version within a year or two (I don't have a Wii U).

  • On Xbox 360

    Deep down, I was terrified this game was going to turn out to be crap. It's licensed after all, how good can it be? (No offense Telltale) And yet, South Park turned out to be a fun adventure that both enjoys praising and mocking the history of RPGs and video games in general. The callbacks to the show are fun, and easy to digest even for a casual fan of the show. What the game does better than anything else I played this year though? Ramping it up. Things get f'ed up, then they get really f'ed up, then they get ludicrously f'ed up. Kicking Cartman in the balls was everything I wanted it to be.

  • On Xbox 360

    Purely for playing with some friends of mine. I haven't played 10 minutes of the game solo, but it's a lot of fun with some buddies. The Borderlands formula is showing a bit of fatigue though, I hope they shake things up in the future. Oh, and having Claptrap in your party is just as much of a pisser as it seemed it would be in the other games.

  • On Steam

    I love this game. I just keeping coming back to it, every day or two to take a run at survival mode. It's still fun, months after getting it. It's stylish, simple yet challenging, and just plain satisfying. I love pinning a dude to a pillar with an arrow, and then kicking a dude through that pillar.

  • On Xbox 360

    I wasn't sure about Valiant Hearts for awhile, I thought it was being too gentle about the War at first. Over time though, things just got harsher. The last few scenes were very powerful and I really appreciated them. A serviceable adventure game outside of that, and kudos to them for going with the less popular world war.

  • On Playstation 3

    I'm aware this came out in 2013, but not on Playstation. I expected Rogue Legacy to hook me like Binding and Spelunky did, but I turned out to be wrong. It's a great game, and plays fantastically, it just didn't grab me quite as well as I'd hoped. Hokage's are the best by the way.

  • On PC

    The first Warcraft game I'd played since Warcraft 3. Who could have predicted it would be a card game? I give Blizzard a lot of credit, Hearthstone is a very serviceable, easy to learn card game that happens to be a good example of how to do free to play in a good way.