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The word "God" is not a name but a descriptor...

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So I'm building my first PC and was waiting for this stuff to start coming out before I start deciding on potential builds. Any news or rumors on prices and release dates? If I were to say build a computer around the GM200 (the 980Ti replacement?) what cost am I looking at in total?

The current rumor is end of may for release announcement during Computex.

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@voodoopc said:

"Going rogue brings with it all risk and barely any reward."

That's what I've noticed and I think other players have to. I spent several hours in the Dark Zone over the weekend once I hit 30 and didn't see any rogues. There doesn't seem to be as much PvP as the developers had hoped. I'm playing on the PC. Maybe the platform makes a difference.

The devs have acknowledged this in their weekly update on the game's state and have said they are looking into re-balancing going rogue.

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@corvak said:

While it's easy to draw some kind of conclusion about how Ubi's afraid it will review badly, from what i've heard from beta players is that this probably isn't the case. In fact the only real damning thing coming out of that beta was that some people on PC were able to cheat. Overall, the people I know that were looking forward to The Division got super excited about it.

Also, the industry is changing a bit. A lot of sites refuse to early-review multiplayer games now, putting up articles like "wheres our review?" or unscored "review in progress" pieces or simply changing their scores after the fact (personally, I hate score-changing)

An early code press-playing-against-press isn't even an accurate depiction of the game, because you've heard the guys themselves talk about it, the average skill level online drastically spikes once the public gets it - not to disparage Jeff's CoD skills, but he's got a job that requires playing a plethora of different games on a regular basis, while some of the super launch-day CoD fans spend hundreds of hours playing just one game. So yeah I guess it shows what the MP is like, but not what the typical player can expect when they put the game in.

The day one release notes mention extensive PC cheating fixes (ie server side checks added) so they seem to be keeping up with issues.

And the PvP is loot focused and less skill dependent and the main issue will probably be balance issues in the Dark Zone (spots that rogues can hide easily and run down their bounty) which is not something that is easily reviewed. The interesting part is can Massive keep up fast enough with any exploits and balance the game as issues arise.

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@90svibe said:

PC for sure if it's a good port. If not PS4.

PC version is great.

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@pyrodactyl said:

I've played a lot of the Division with some GB Destiny people last weekend and it seems like we (and the internet at large) has mastered the gameplay loop of the dark zone in a couple of days.

In the dark zone you run around from landmark to landmark looking for mobs. The mobs and named mobs spawn in fixed locations but aren't there at least half the time you go to any one of those locations. That might be due to random spawning or some other player(s) already having cleared that spot recently. When you get enough loot you extract it.

If you want DZ money to buy some good gear(the best in the beta) you kill mobs and hope for the around 40% 30-60DZ$ drop. You can also kill other players (rogue or not) and get a lot of money that way. It's kinda risky but not really. The penalty for dying, even as a rogue, is minor in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, named mobs drop keys you can open loot chests with. Those chests spawn in fixed locations and were bugged in the beta. All that stuff is way more game-y and standard MMO than the promised tense and dangerous experience of this obscure part of the city.

Can anyone point me to an interview at least eluding to there being more to this mode or the end game in general? I feel like the consensus is that the DZ is the only end game content and if that's true and the mode is just the same gameplay loop as in the beta but in a bigger map I could see this thing getting very old, very fast. talks about mutli group activities/raids, info culled from multiple sources. But nothing official yet.

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Definitely Fallout 4 DLC, Doom, Dishonored 2, and probably ESO stuff like you said. I'd love love love an announcement of a new Wolfenstein, TNO was probably my favorite game of 2014.

Long shot: New IP

Longer shot: Announcement for new proper Elder Scrolls game

Longest shot: Prey 2 is brought back to life

If they got Machine Games to make Prey 2 instead of another Wolfenstein I would be ecstatic.

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@marc said:

Does the beta happen to still be going? I received a code over night last night and have been working all day. Info seems to say it ends jan 31, which makes receiving an invite 5AM EST kind of odd.

It ends tomorrow.

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I'm playing on PC if anyone wants to get together, my Uplay username is the same as here; Jojojimmeny.

Are you able to log into Uplay? I get stuck at Logging in and then get a connection lost. Was working fine yesterday, blah.

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@boboblaw said:

It's neat to see this get a PC port and a remaster but its not the announcement we really wanted. As someone who played through Shadow Complex at least twice when it first came out and tried going back to it with the backwards compatibility I have to say its not aged that great. At the very least its good to see Shadow Complex getting some much needed attention from Chair.

Its not really a re-master, its just the game running in higher resolution with the same assets as far as I can tell.