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Great puzzler, too much shooting 0

Rochard's gravity-based puzzles are great fun and new abilities are given all the way to the end of the game (took me 7ish hours).My main gripe is that there is too much emphasis on shooting, which isn't very fun, especially as there are often multiple enemies attacking you at the same time. Long loading times when you die don't help....

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It isn't called Easy Reset for a reason 0

Hard Reset harkens back to the shooters of old - color-coded pickups laying around, no reloads, loads of enemies running at you and a nonsensical, throwaway story.Sky is the limitSet in a future cyberpunk Earth that is basically Blade Runner, the game looks amazing. Often simply staring up will reward you with amazing scifi vistas. The game also uses lighting effects to great use while maintaining 60 fps.Even on Normal difficulty, the game isn't easy. You will usually face waves of enemies, eith...

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You're So Vain... 0

Heavy Rain, like all video games really, is about illusion.  You are led to believe your choices matter, and fret about each choice, knowing well that you have to choose fast before the game makes a decision for you, but the illusion breaks apart somewhat at the end. In the first third of the game, as you get to know the main 4 characters and the plot threads start, this game is a 5 star game for me, taking the interactive story genre to new heights.  Mundane scenes, where you do very little int...

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