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I used to buy them when i was younger and there would be things you had not seen, new screenshots, or just the announcements of a new game or feature. It was great. Now because of the internet i wonder how many copies they sell now compared to 15 years ago. I miss going and getting a new gaming magazine because of all the info and reveals you had no way of hearing about but today they are out of date before they get on the shelf (for most people at least). Even the demo discs are not useful as most demos and videos can be found on the consoles or computer anyway. I guess they must still sell enough to people without internet - i think i prefered the old way of finding out about games, i just think their can't be that many still buying these if they have a computer linked to the internet.

Do you still subscribe or buy the odd gaming magazine (I do not mean a retro gaming mag but one with all the 'latest news and reviews') even though you have access to the internet making most of the information 'old news' before you get your hand's on it? If you do, why?

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@BionicRadd said:

@Bobby_The_Great said:

The less structure the podcast has and the less they talk about videogames, the happier I am.

And hasnt that been how the bombcast has been for at least the last 3 years I've been listening? This is the same podcast that went on for multiple episodes about freaking coffee mugs.

Sure, OP could be a troll, but I have to wonder how long he's actually been following the show.

been listening since i found giantbomb over 2 maybe 3 years ago, had tons of old podcasts piled up (listened to all the e3 shows and end of year podcasts). I followed the guys when some worked foe gamespot and used to watch all their coverage of e3s and even watched Jeffs achievement videos that he used to do when he was into getting points, i watches on the spot and it was all great. so i have been listening and watching for ages, i don't mean to offend them with my comments or any of you fans, but i am just giving my opinion. The responses on here show most disagree with me about what i have written but thats why we have a forum, i wouldn't take the time to write something (as poor as the paragraphs and spelling was) if i didn't care about the subject. I like the team and just thought i could suggest a few things.

i might go an listen to this weeks podcast, is it any good?

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@Insectecutor said:

I don't like the way he said it but I kind of see where he's coming from when he asks what they do all day. I haven't seen Radio Dave where they apparently explain this because they haven't posted it yet. Maybe it will turn up on Monday along with a shitty video shot on a camera phone.

Since I have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon let's run some fucking numbers and see if we can find out what goes on at GB HQ. I hate myself, and in the coming paragraphs you will learn to hate me too.

Last week they produced five hours 12 minutes of video, about four hours of which are Quick Looks. They had Ryan, Vinny, Jeff, Brad and Drew on site last week. Each Quick Look takes three of them (either Drew or Vinny handle the recording). I'm gonna be an asshole and assume they work a very relaxed six hour day, yielding 150 man hours a week available. Quick Looks take up roughly 12 man hours. If we assume TNT occupied all five of the staff then that's another six hours. A three hour Bombcast of four people works out at 12 man hours. What do they spend the other 120 hours doing?

Well, there were 11 news stories written last week, but 9 of them were written by Patrick or Alex who aren't in the office and escape the terrible gaze of my unnecessary spotlight. Jeff wrote the other two and they're about 400 words apiece, straightforward stuff for a seasoned writer. The only review from anyone in the office last week was Brad's 1,000 word write up of Deadlight. It's hard to guess how quickly they can crank this stuff out but I'd imagine four hours for a 1,000 word review is generous, hell let's even say it took an hour to craft each of those two news posts. We still have 112 hours left.

I guess they spend this time playing games for review but so far this year they've averaged just under two reviews a week. If all their review play is done in the office and every game lasts for 20 hours then that still leaves just under half their time eating pancakes.

I acknowledge that there's wiki stuff and setting up stuff like QL:EX to be done, but if that adds up to 72 man hours a week I'd be shocked. Remember that they were short-staffed last week as well.

Now before you reply remember this is only based on one relatively slow week and I forgot to include Radio Dave but it does illustrate why myself and others have been pissed off at the air of complacency we're seeing since the move to CBSi. You have to understand where I'm coming from as a day one member and a day one subscriber who has been with this endeavour since before it was a fucking blog with a skype podcast. I feel like I am watching it get consumed by negligence as they put stuff off over and over again. The spark is fading. We have been promised properly produced feature content that simply hasn't appeared. When was the last time they used the greenscreen studio? Where is WUTANG? Where is Jeff Gerstmann's Hall of Fame? What the fuck happened to scripted, edited I Love Mondays? Why was the E3 house a condemned meth lab next door to a strip joint? Why is there a fucking Nyan Cat on the wall during TNT? Fuck that! Tear it down for god's sake. Every Jar Time Jeff says he'd like to "do something with all that stuff some time" well shit man you've had eight months. Just do it.

I wrote this because I love this site and I love the guys who work on it. Pretty much all the stuff above is stuff they used to do or at least tried out. The only inventive stuff we get nowadays is subscriber content and frankly I'd rather everyone got to see that, there is no need to divide the community any more.

Good stuff. I have tried sign up for the membership a couple of times but it wasn't working and i lost connection when i was about to complete it. I am not sure there is enough to warrant a sub for this site although i do like some of what they do. I agree with the lack of features and the unprepared nature of the phone shot videos of them trying to come up with something for the week ahead (or tell us about it). I don't think running the site is that big of a deal when they are not doing that many updates (you stated about 2 reviews a week were going up but to me it seems like it can be longer between the reviews).

Why don't they make videos about older games and play older games when there are no big new releases (i know they had burnout paradise on TNT but why not make old games or games they like a feature - again, i think they could do more to make the site more than a podcast, some gameplay videos (quicklooks), and a few very short articles per week.

I don't think anyone can argue that there is not a lack of content and i personally would like to see alot more before becoming a member for a little extra that they are offering, i would want to support them but i don't do well enough to if i am not getting much back.

Maybe the paid membership is totally worth it, can some of you give feedback on it, thanks!?

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@ck1nd said:

@Mountain_flames said:

Anyway, do not be offended as i won't be to any if any replies follow. Its only my opinion and i might be wrong.

I think you compare Giantbomb to GameStop in your head which is employed by 10's (if not 100's of people) which is why Giantbomb may seem empty. This site does not fill itself to the rafters with non-sense bullshit. We have a respectable man by the name of Patrick Klepek who really delivers in the articles and a great team that pushes great content on a daily basis. I feel the word "entitlement" really comes forth with posts like this. Especially when the person doesn't have a silver nor a gold medal under their avatar.


@Sweep said:

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ok, BUT i would say new articles are few and far between. I never used Giantbomb for news updates, they are not the fastest for breaking news but had decent videos and the podcast. I am not one to post a tone of messages to gain status with medals and the like but i don't see how my point would have any added weight if i had a gold, silver, bronze or happy face by my name. Maybe if i had a medal or Mod symbol next to my name i would be cool enough to reply with pre made pictures copied and pasted over from some other site.

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@Sweep said:

No Caption Provided

Even the mods are too busy to write anything. Just copy a photo. Cool (i have that same jumper!)

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@Tylea002 said:

Don't like Bombcast?

Don't Eat.

I think that might be the thing to do. last few weeks i have been eating some and pushing the plate to the middle of the table and going for a stroll.

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@Turambar said:

Thanks for the input. I personally hope they don't listen to any of it though.

I don't expect they will. They will be too busy for stupid feedback from Joe Nobody.

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@CaLe said:

Why you listen thing you no like?

i USED to like it alot and would look forward to it, i have started listening to it days after it goes up, before i would get it as soon as it was ready.

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#10 Posted by Mountain_flames (16 posts) -

I have been listening to the podcasts for some time and it is the main reason i check the site (that and quicklooks. News coverge is not very good on this site (a few articles 'here' and 'there' - sometimes nothing every other day) and i often think, "Ok, they do the podcast and they record the quick looks, 3 or 4 a week (maybe)...what's happening the rest of the time...eating pancakes and resting up?...i don't know!). Oh, and TNT...but they must get away with 3 hours work per day (wonder if anyone is there to say: GET OFF THE CHAIR AND DO SOMETHING!....PUT THE CAKES DOWN AND RIGHT AN ARTICLE OR REVIEW LONGER THAN HALF A PAGE) i wish my job was like this..."oh what are we going to do this week"...."oh, i know, we'll get the pancakes out and sit there thinking about what we might do for TNT or a quicklook.


I have written a review length paragraph and have wandered off topic

back to it: Bombcast, more like BORECAST....i have my reasons.

Yeah, its a borecast.

It used to be fun, a real laugh, something to listen to on the train, or when out for a walk, or while going to sleep. For the last few months its been as dull as the darkest cloud in the sky painted black.

There is no structure to it, they used to start with what they had been playing, and then move on to previews and talk about reviews and maybe go off topic (but usually still talking about games - arcade machines, shows they had/were going to!), then emails.

Bring back the Nintendo dlc lists for dsi/3DS!!!!!

Now when you tune in to BOMBCAST, there is 40 minutes of NOTHING.

"It's TUUUUUEEEEEESSSSSSDDDDDAAAAYYYYYY.............................................................................yeah,.............yep...................................................(5 minutes later).................YEAH!!!..................................................................Jeff's here..................................................yeah............yeah........Vinny..........................................Brad.................Yip.........Yeah...............................................................Then after some random laughter over nothing.............(the magic happens!)..................Ryan: SO, a.....TACO-BELL.....right, am i right guys?...............T A C O BELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!..........YEAH.............yep.......Yeah....



So Vinny, what-cha-been playin'?

Vinny: "oh.....errr...............nothing much......Ghost recon 1 on PC"


So......yeah................NOW I'M DOING IT

What i mean is that, instead of having 2-5 - 3 hours of 'nothing to say' - cut the podcast down to 1-5 to 2 hours where it doesn't drag as much (i used to be happy to see it have a run time twice that of other podcasts, but its lost something along the way).

At least other podcasts seem to plan a bit for what they are going to say and the topics they are going to focus on but with Giantbomb-cast, they seem to be sitting in the room for 3 hours with one eye on the clock saying words to get them to the time of 2 hour plus (a bit like writing a 4000 word use more words to explain, and more detail but alot may not be needed for what you are trying to say, but you have to get to 4000 words.)

I know i will get alot of hate from the GIANTBOMBcast fans who will probably argue that i should love the sound of Ryan or Jeffs heavy breathing over a mic when pretty much nothing else is going on. There will be alot of you who say 'i like it when they go of topic, its the randomness that makes it great, i love hearing them jabber on about food and how to make the perfect pasta...etc..etc'.

I just think it's becoming a challenge to listen to it all now as they all sound bored doing it. (Sure, if there is a lack of games out in these quiet months no one would blame them to shorten the length of the recording).

Theres just too much filler, to much dead air and not enough to keep me for one listening.

There are other podcasts out there which i used to think were not as good but i now like a few of them better, they are 1-2 hours long, have a structure, change things up every few weeks or months, bring in guests, play games, tell jokes, and they can also go off topic and make it funny.

Anyway, do not be offended as i won't be to any if any replies follow. Its only my opinion and i might be wrong.

These are just some suggestions to make the podcast better (i can't be the only one of your 100+ listeners ^) who finds its not as good as it was 6 months ago.

Thanks for reading.

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