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Best of 2011

I Figure I start making my own list for my best games of 2011. For the most part, I'm only including games I have played thus far and not games I have observed. By that token, Sorry Skyrim.

List items

  • Portal 2 is Awesome. It will forever be Awesome. The puzzles are good, the history of Aperture is good and the cast is good. I find this game to be one of the best games to be released this year only cause of the fact that Co-op was good and not broken and that Single Player certainly brought Chell's Story to a close, and that was a good ending to. Congrats Valve, You are awesome.

  • I don't care about the haters, they will still hate. We all know it, SEGA can still make a bad game, but as far as this goes, SEGA learned from Sonic Unleashed and made a Good Game (Sonic Colors) in which they made a better game for the console. As much as I like Colors, This still blows me away with it's Nostalgia and gameplay. It's certainly not a game to miss (and you can also just put it in Japanese in case you don't like the English voice cast).

  • Q? Entertainment has a place in my heart in how they mix music with games. Child of Eden was no exception, as I still find myself continuing to play this game time and time again, despite the fact it's as long as REZ. I don't care, the music is still satisfying.

  • I am not actually a big fan of Rockstar. To be honest, the only games I have played and enjoyed from them was Bully and Table Tennis. When L.A. Noire came out, I was blown away by how this game moved and how realistic Los Angeles was. It was film noir done at it's finest in any video game, despite the fact that the interrogation sequences weren't perfect.

  • Bioware is also one of those companies that gets me hooked in. Mass effect is certainly one of those games where I am just amazed in how much dialogue can affect the game so much, as well as how that can change some of the story too. Games like this is why I still play them.

  • Supergiant Games can certainly get my money for their next game after this. Bastion was a huge surprise for me as it was REALLY good story wise and Addicting at the same time. I still like the fact that you can just summon your own squirt, but it's the diverse set of weapons and skills that you can use to survive that really hooks you in.

  • I just recently finished Strange Journey on DS and found myself Addicted to something I never even thought of. Persona 2 may be a port of a PS1 game, but it's done in a way where it's not too difficult and the story can still be enjoyed even though it's Still Persona. Be expecting to put long hours into this if you intend to finish this wonderful remake.

  • No surprise. I've been playing these games since I was around 7 and I still enjoy them now. This game was an improvement design wise and the story, while feeling slightly repetitive, was actually not AS cheesy as it's predecessor, Diamond and Pearl. Also, the many other options available to you always give you reason to come back.

  • By no means was I ready to put Mario Kart 7 on the list, but I was won over how a 3ds game can run smooth and look great in 3d at the same time with little to no slow down in frame rate (even online). This is a reason 3DS doesn't have to suck and certainly worth playing for whatever reason.

  • This is one of those games where it may not appeal to everyone, but I give ATLUS credit for trying something different and I think it works despite what it is. The Romantic horror story plays out well, the puzzles are challenging enough (not like Portal 2 though) and it gives you satisfaction when you finish it too. It's at least worth playing every now and then to have a break from the norm.

  • I find that Capcom's story games, such as Phoenix Wright, to be better than their Fighting game counterparts. As such, I felt the need for Ghost Trick to be on this list. Probably another reason why you should own a DS, this game has good puzzles that make you think outside the box and the story is addicting as you try to find out who you are.

  • Rayman has had it's up and downs, but Ubisoft took him and basically gave you a game that is batshit crazy good. The humor will get you laughing and even make you feel like you are on a drug trip as this game SCREAMS happy.

  • There's a reason Gears 3 isn't probably higher on my list, mostly because of the fact that it's a formula we're all used to: Aim, Shoot, Kill. Despite that, Gears 3 gets props for having one of the most addicting modes and the fact that I will never get over what happened in ACT 3 of this game. EPIC,I freakin' love and hate you right now.

  • Probably one of the most overlooked games for DS, Solatorobo is a good example of how DS games can still be good. Despite it's simple gameplay, I enjoyed the soundtrack and many of the settings that take place. Although the french is most likely questionable, I still find the charm that solatorobo gives whenever I turn it on.

  • I wasn't sure about You don't know jack. I was exactly great at games like this, but or the most part, it's a fun party game to have because you always know you will get a good laugh out of it every time you play.