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I played Smash Bros Wii U at Gamestop. However, I couldn't help noticing all the characters that I disliked in the game. I have no idea why they were picked over other iconic characters. Nintendo must have chosen these characters by shooting darts with their eyes closed at a target with photos posted of Nintendo characters. In my thread, I will tell you why Nintendo choose their cast poorly.

1.Most of the fire emblem cast

"Who the heck is robin " I told myself when I first played the game a few months ago. It appears the Fire Emblem casts are way too over resented having a total of 6 characters. One of the ways Nintendo chooses how much characters a series gets is perpendicular to how popular they are. Mario and Zelda have around six and seven characters because their series is really popular. Series like Captain Falcon's F-Zero don't have much characters due to F-Zero's popularity.

Fire Emblem is a vastly overrated franchise. In their entire existence for 26 years, the series only manage to sell around seven million copies. Zelda's Ocarina of Time singly handily manages to sell that much from a single game alone.

Fire Emblem isn't really that popular of a Franchise. Is it beyond me has a series gets to have as much representation as Mario or Zelda. I would had placed Marth in Smash bros. However, Nintendo wasted five characters slots from incorporating Fire Emblem game characters.


Oh why oh why was GredNinja picked? He has only existed for one year since Smash was released in 2014. There's nothing wrong with his character design or Gredninja as a Pokemon. However, he really isn't a iconic or popular Pokemon to justify his position. It was so baffling to me how he got in. It was like Nintendo was shooting darts blind folded at a target posted with Nintendo characters which was how they were going to pick their Smash cast.

Think of the other iconic Pokemon that could have gotten in. Mew, Celebi, or Deoxys? Heck, I my point why Greninja was a unworthy choose could had apply to Lucario when he came out in Brawl.

3. Bayonetta

She has only existence five years in gaming history since 3ds version was released She only sold a few million copies. One important factor for Nintendo choosing for cast is they have to appear on a Nintendo platform. Bayonetta has only existed on a Nintendo platform for a year and a half since she came out as a DLC. Her appearance isn't really longstanding. Bayonetta is an unsatisfying and an lackluster pick. She's way too obscure.

Dr.Mario and Dark Pit

4. Even though their play styles are different, their design are too close to the original characters. Their slots weren't worthy in the game. In my opinion, character designs vastly similar to their original characters. I didn't think Toon Link was a poor choice because he looks different from Link.

Nintendo wasted nine character slots. Nintendo is terrible of how they pick their characters. They didn't choose more iconic characters. They choose too many obscure characters. Think of all the characters that could have gotten in? Tinkle,Waluigi,Paper Mario, Mew, andCelebi. They could had chosen another Metroid character to complement Samus. Instead of Bayonetta, they could have added Chun-li instead to partner up with Ryu. Nintendo is terrible at picking their cast and a lot of the characters picked were unworthy.

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@rejizzle said:

Wouldn't quite call the 3DS Wii level graphics. Take a look at Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and the remake for New 3DS (3DS's slightly more powerful remodel). Looks good, but not quite as good as the original game. That being said Resident Evil Revelations is a damn good looking game.

I saw the trailer comparing the 3ds version and Wii. There's no difference for either game except for the coloring of the monsters. Both games look the same to me. It looks like the 3ds can play Wii ports and is on par with Wii level.

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I haven't paid much attention to 8th generation gaming out all whatsoever until a few months ago. However, I just can't help noticing the leap in the graphics. It appears the DS had PS1 graphics and jumped to Nintendo Wii level. The leap was absolutely amazing. I don't think there has been a generation whereas graphics had a major improvement in a short amount of time. Can anyone imagine the N64 went to Wii level graphics after 6 years the 64 came out? My comparison is pretty much what happened.

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@jaypb08 said:

@moywar700: the Wii U might not be able to run graphical powerhouses, but ten years from now I'd bet everyone would agree that a game like Mario 3D World looks better than The Division. A strong art-style will never age poorly; Nintendo games don't really need the extra power anyway. Also, who cares at this point? I'm happy with my Wii U library, as are many others, so why bring up a fight from 2012?

Nintendo is losing money on the possible games they could had gotten on the Wii U which is why extra power matters.

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@chu52 said:

IS now the time to have this fight?

And I actually really like it for splatoon. And Zelda games, and playing Virtual console games while the tv is playing a podcast.....

The justification you listed aren't worth it. Think of all the games that are going to be pass over Wii U over Xbox 1 and PS4 because the Wii U was lacking in fire power. Not only that, Wii U doesn't have powerful graphics compared to it's competitors. The 150$ should had been used to more firepower for the graphics.

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It's quite clear to me that the Wii U Pad is suppose to mimic the Nintendo ds. A person interacts with a touch screen to play the game. However, I have watched several video of games for the nintendo ds. There weren't any games which took advantage of the touch screen of being able to play the game. . Most games for DS did not take advantage of the touch screen to the extexnt Kirby Canvas. A person draws lines with the touch screen 100% of the time to guide Kirby through the game. Most games did not used the touch screen to the extent Kirby did.

Touch Screen was used very seldomly for the most part for games or wasn't used at all.

If developers didn't care to use the touch screen for the ds, what makes a person think they'll care for the Wii U pad. The pad was a useless 150$ dollars which could had been used to update the graphics. Nintendo really did a foolish move there having a useless touch pad for 150$.

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So anyways, I suspect the new handheld will be able to play 7th generation gaming. I saw ps vita and ps3 comparison on youtube. It appears ps vita was able to play ps3 games though it had to do some compromise. I suspect the new handheld will be a step above PS Vita and will be able to play 7th generation games with watering down the graphics.

The new handheld will start to face the same problems 8th generation gaming face. The negative effects of 8th generation gaming is that developers start to port ps3 and xbox 360 games onto ps4 and xbox one instead of making new games. I suspect half the games at launch date for the new handheld will be ports of of 7th generation games.

I hope developers won't just see the new handheld as a place to dump their 7th generation games.

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If I had to guess how good is the new hand held going to be, it'll probably have a polygon output of 40 million. It's a huge leap from the 3ds at 15 million. It's step up from Vita from 30 million. I cannot imagine the new handheld is going to be all too different from Vita's graphics intuitively thinking what the price is going to be 170$. The new portable will be able to play 7th generation games like Call of Duty 4 or Wii's Zelda twilight princess.

What will be different from the 3ds is that the new portable will have huge open worlds that has not been done before in handheld gaming. This is what I foresee in the next handheld gaming.

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Dam, I wish somebody would leak the developers kit that were sent out.

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