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My Top 10 Games of 2015

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  • To be honest I didn't expect this game to be my number one pick but after thinking about my year in gaming I realized I played MGSV the most and enjoyed it the most. The story is seriously lacking especially for a MGS game but goddamn is the game-play amazing. I'll probably still be playing this game throughout 2016.

  • This game is probably Telltales most ambitious adventure yet, and dare I say their best game yet. The story, characters, writing, voice-acting is all top notch. I couldn't care less about the borderlands world as I was playing through the main games, but this game easily made the world a thousand times more interesting and I cant wait to see what happens in the next season.

  • This game is kind of a bummer to be honest. The game-play is fun but not really original, the story is kind of bad, the role-playing is practically non-existent and it doesn't look very next gen. With all that said I still enjoy playing the quite a bit. I don't know maybe I've got nostalgia glasses on but I like the game.

  • Fun game, interesting story, and Mark Hamill. Although that bat-mobile was dumb.

  • This game is also a bummer for me and also a little bit frustrating. I played through Episodes 1-4 the most hyped I could be about a games story. Their characters were mostly good, the mystery interesting, and the setting enjoyable. Unfortunately I fill like episode 5 is overall a complete failure and only dragged the game down my list. The crappy good or bad ending, the poor writing, and the lazy game-play just made it all feel rushed and poorly thought out.

  • Boy was this game a surprise, I saw someone playing it on twitch and instantly knew I had to get it. Its amazing that they managed to take the Heavy Rain formula and so perfectly apply it to a cheesy horror movie setting. The character are a lot of fun and the story isn't half bad.