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GOTY 2012

I have unopened copies of Far Cry 3 and Binary Domain on my shelf but I'm not going to get around to playing them before the end of the year. They'd of both probably made my top ten, though.

My hardest choice turned out to be picking a no. 10, which was a battle between Mass Effect 3 and Spec Ops: The Line. In the end I went with ME3 but Spec Ops still deserves and honourable mention.

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  • I was so sceptical going in to this game. Having gotten bored of both the comic book and TV show, I wasn't sure what a video game version of The Walking Dead could offer that would keep me interested. Turns out it's a lot.

    I've come to belief that's what most important about playing a game is how you feel after you've put the controller (or mouse or iPad or any other input device) down. Sure, there may have been a few frame rate issues or below-average shooting sequences but when all was said and done the experience of The Walking Dead -- not necessarily playing it -- is among the greatest I've ever had in a video game.

    I've talked about my favourite moment from the game before but that's just one of many. The whole game is a series of incredibly emotional moments ranging from tense and heart-wrenching, like when you have to make a life-saving/ending decision, to poignant and bittersweet, which is any time you're with Clementine and realise the world she has to live in. The greatest moments are when you're made to feel regret, a rare emotion in a time where video games are outdoing each other to make the player the ultimate 'bad-ass'.

    The Walking Dead is nothing short of a triumph. It shows what video games can accomplish as a storytelling medium. A younger me (it's weird saying that cause I'm pretty young) may have argued that the game is not fun and I'll agree wholeheartedly. My reply would be that that's the point, there in no experience quite like TWD. 99.9% of games that have ever existed are about having fun and that's probably true for the future, too. But why limit what the medium can be? The Walking Dead proves games can be more. That's an experience I won't forget.