Custom amiibo cards

Welcome to mr amiibo Creator of amiibo cards for the WiiU, 3DS and The Switch. Here at mr amiibo we have been making amiibo cards since 2016. You may have seen our listings dotted around on eBay and Etsy, well we decided to make the leap to our very own online store. This has been a big step for us and now we have even expanded to custom designs for our customers. So if you can't find something you are after, we might be able to make a special card just for you!

We pride ourselves in our card making skills and ensure that we only provide you with our premium quality cards. A lot of time and effort goes into making these amiibo cards, we use only the finest materials to ensure you get a good end product. High resolution card is used to produce images that are crisp in quality and allows for the colors to really pop on the cards.

Each card that we create comes with it's own sleeve to protect it, this is for transportation. You can take the card out of the sleeve if you wish it will scan both ways. We use only the finest NFC Tag chips to ensure a large scan area. Some people have even said it scans even better than their amiibo.

All cards made on Mr Amiibo are made using old fashioned card making methods. You get that high quality hand made feel from our cards, we even round off the corners so your cards feel more like playing cards. We do not make our cards out of PVC this is due to the lack of quality in the print and feel of the end product.

Want to check out our custom made amiibo cards well you can find them here:

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