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@ildon said:

Ever since you guys moved to the new video player, the videos will randomly just stop playing for me and act like the video was complete. So even when I reload the page and hit play, it won't resume from where it left off and I have to manually move the slider. Sometimes it won't happen at all in a 2 hr video, and sometimes it will happen every 15 minutes. It doesn't feel consistent. It happens in both Firefox 51.0.1 and Chrome Canary 58.0.2999.0 (and the last several versions since they update it pretty frequently). My OS is Windows 10. My IP address is

I'm having this exact issue except I can only make it 10-15 seconds in a video at a time usually. The video player also seems to skip a second every 5 seconds or so. I'm having to download all the videos to watch them currently. This happens in both HTML 5 and Progressive at all qualities. Youtube works fine.

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Brad won but Dan was more entertaining. They both need to start paying attention to the minimap and warnings around the map.

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The game isn't heavy on microtransactions. It's not perfect and may not be worth a full game price but to call it f2p is such a disservice. It's my favourite FPS since COD MW2. As other's have mentioned, the renown becomes pointless FAST. The worst thing is you can pay for boosters which quickly become pointless. There is no pressure to purchase them or anything else for that matter. It's a 5 star game for me, as someone who isn't bothered that there's no campaign.

I've played 70+ hours at this point and will keep going. It's quite upsetting to see people agree with the staff just because it's the staff of GB. I know an opinion can't really be wrong but Jeff is pushing it very, very close!

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If you tackle quests in the way that I do, you never have an issue. Playing on the highest difficulty, I always do the quests that have the lowest suggested level. However, this now means I am somewhat over leveled but it's consistently going up in line with the story quests.

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Probably too difficult to say right now with the releases coming up but as many others have said, Shadow of Mordor will be right up there. That and Dark Souls 2 are my two picks so far, although we all know that Dark Souls 2 won't fly with most of the crew.

I doubt anyone could have guessed Shadow of Mordor to be that good before release. That will win best surprise for sure.

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Limit comments to paid accounts only. Trolls won't be paying money just to abuse someone. Any abuse from paid members will be easier to track. I know this means that the number of comments will be significantly decreased (how much are comments worth anyway, let's be honest?) but it would solve most of the issues.

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I agree about the sentiments for diversity, but I also don't see hiring two white males as an issue. I can't understand why there has been such an outcry on the subject when the hiring clearly had no hidden agenda behind it, other than they were two good candidates for the job.

I feel that the criticism towards the site was unnecessary in the first place, but the backlash from certain people was unacceptable but out of the site's control. It is harsh to put all the people in the same pot as we all know 99% of the people on this site are good people. However, like any community in the world, there will be people who ruin it for the rest and end up getting the whole community tarnished with the same brush. Giantbomb did not create the bad people, they are just part and parcel of any community. The only option for the site is to ban those people when they can and block IPs if possible.

And for those being abused (in or out of the site), I know it is terrible and shouldn't happen, but I guess it sadly is a part of being a public figure on the internet. We all know of the abuse Patrick has faced for example. For every piece of abuse however, I would love to see 10 bits of praise and like to think that it would make up for some of the abuse these people face.

Welcome to the new hires, I'm sure the only way is up :)

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The staff was cut down significantly due to the untimely passing of Ryan. Naturally, it has been difficult for the site to get back on their feet. However, the content recently has improved and has been exciting. There isn't many games so the crew are working with what they can. If they hire new staff, the content will continue to improve. The crew are the same as ever. Vinny and Drew are just lovely blokes, Brad has always been sleepy and Jeff has always been full of hatred in a delightful way. Patrick's content is good. The content is improving.

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Timesplitters, FIFA and the Souls games.