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#1 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

Roughly 14 hours or so trying to play Valkyria Chronicles and finishing the game in a weekend...because school was coming up and I didn't want to be distracted.

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#2 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

No, definitely not. I'd actually would say that my social life was enhanced because of it. Mainly because of a few reasons:

1. A good friend of mine owns a game store. Hence we have a common connection.

2. I have a fairly large collection of games from different genres my games appeal to many people. Yes, even girls.

Has my video game playing affected my Academics, now that I can say with a definite yes. I could definitely do better without my video games, but the games have also kept my sanity as well.

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#3 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

Age of Empires when Microsoft still had their "Zone" service. I realized how much I sucked at strategy games after that.

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#4 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi. The game is a freakin' Rock, paper, scissors contest.

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#5 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

@MonetaryDread said:

@Scarlet_Rogue: I agree completely, it's too linear. All you do is walk from left to right, or from bottom to top. The game has boring characters, and an even more boring story; plus, the combat - it is way too linear. Oh, there is a flying creature, break out Waka; this enemy has armor on his back, use Auron. My unpopular opinion: Piracy helps PC gaming. The Crysis demo sucked. My processor was only using one of four cores, and SLI didn't work. After the developers patched the game I downloaded the pirate copy and was blown away; I immediately purchased the game. A few weeks later my uncle spent $3000 building his own computer and I had to show him what that beast could render. He was so blown away that he purchased the game, then was able to convince everyone in his clan to purchase the game. When Warhead came out we all purchased that title in the series as well. That means almost thirty games were purchased from Crytek, solely because of piracy. P.S. I also have yet to meet anyone who has ever said, "I am not going to purchase this game because I can get it for free online." They just wouldn't purchase it in the first place, because they are broke. Then again, I also have a limited group of friends who play games at all, and an even smaller portion of them care enough to play anything other than NHL09/10 or FIFA.

I'd actually say that piracy actually helped me decide whether I wanted the game or not. In particular, when it comes to emulation.

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#6 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

@Catarrhal said:

@MrBLT said:

KissMyAxe was a username one of my friends made up before.

Sure, that's a great one, because Kiss My Axe is actually the name of an album by legendary jazz guitarist Al Di Meola.

Sounds like coincidence to me considering that he didn't even reference that Guitarist.

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#7 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

KissMyAxe was a username one of my friends made up before. That's about as awesome as I last remember.

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#8 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

@Kidavenger said:

I think your sample size of modern games is too small, If you are holding games up for direct comparison to Daggerfall, why not compare Witcher 2, or Dragon Age Origins, or Skyrim, all much better modern games.

I think one of the greatest things about modern gaming is the sheer amount of variety out there, if you think games like Call of Duty or Uncharted are crappy, you don't have to play them and they were probably made for the millions of people that do like them very much.

TBH, while I agree with the sheer variety, I also feel that there is also a lot less risk of trying different things. There are the occasional games that do that like Dark Souls, but I can think of many quirky games that came from the PS1 era and before that.

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#9 Edited by MrBLT (41 posts) -

Super Nintendo: Probably Super Mario Kart, but I do like Tetris Attack as well.

Nintendo 64: I'd say Super Smash Bros.

Dreamcast: Shenmue

Xbox 360: Gears of War...not sure which iteration. I like each one of them for different reasons. I don't own many 360 games.

Xbox: Shenmue II (I haven't played many Xbox games)

PS3: Yakuza 4, though I've jumped around many different games so it might not stay a favorite.

Wii: Probably Punch-Out!!, but I still have a huge backlog to go through so it may change. Kirby's Return to Dreamland was pretty fun though.

Gamecube: DDR Mario Mix (Yes, I know there are better games, but this one just stuck with me more than any other DDR title out there.)

PS2: Soul Calibur II/III Can't decide which one. II for the fighting engine, but III for its single player modes for the most part.

PS1: Bushido Blade

Gameboy: Pokemon Gold/Silver

Gameboy Advance: Advance Wars 2

DS: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2

3DS: Mario Kart 7

PSP: MGS: Peace Walker

Sega Pico: (Yes, I used to own one of these) ECO Jr. I think it was called.

PC: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (This was a fave for a LONG TIME. I haven't played PC in ages)

iPhone: King of Fighters i

Do plug and play games count? If so, then some Japanese DBZ game that I don't know what it's called because I can't read Japanese.

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#10 Posted by MrBLT (41 posts) -

Super was my first. I didn't actually play 64 for the longest time, at least not until I played the heck out of Diddy Kong Racing which I received before MK64. I remember the I tried renting Super multiple times in a row from Blockbuster to convince my mom to get the game (my parents were wary of video game habits as a kid...which isn't the case now. My collection has exploded within the past few years to catch up.). I finally managed to persuade my mom to get me the game for my birthday the year the N64 came out...unfortunately it was always sold out and I ended up with Yoshi's Island instead which isn't too bad of a trade off. At least now, I appreciate the game more.

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