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is right now with the current doc regardless of price a good place to get back into destiny if I have no console friends?

Putting this much effort in to asking what's up probably warrants paying to get in to see what's up

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Hi, I played destiny up until I got around to 22 and gave up shortly after for other games. The part of the game I really enjoyed was shooting things and people and things. So with the current expansions both out what type of variety in the shooting of things does 35$ get me? How much of it is dependant on having a regular play group vs solo and pickup?

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Looking to play diablo and destiny

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Can I get a Dota 2 key?

Steam Name:King Chicken

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I reordered the second run of the second shipment of PS2 and the original DS. My first preorder bonus had to have been the Windwaker Zelda 64 bonus disc

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Steel Battalion was on the show floor show goers to play. I took two attempts to play the game. From a distance watching the other attendees struggle with the motion controls and the constant need to re-calibrate the game looked somewhat broken. Since this is on a public show room floor I have an extended amount of time to observe the players interaction with the game/kinect.

Steel Battalion takes place in North America where the "Datacide" has destroyed all modern computer technology and shattered the country. Due to the lack of computer's or other advanced technology the Mechs of steel Battalion are purely mechanical with the most advanced tech being a series of closed circuit cameras providing front/side/back views of the battlefield. Mechs are have three man crew (at least in this demo). The player is the captain/pilot while other crew carries out tasks like reloading and smoking.

Steel battalion is a Kinect/Controller Hybrid. The controller handles basic movement and shooting activities while the Kinect handles mech cockpit tasks and crew interactions. The majority of these tasks are Kinect based having the player reach out to a glowing handle then pulls, pushing, or slapping the control. Player can also stand up to open the top hatch of their mech to get a better view of the battlefield complete with motioning imaginary binoculars to your face.There are also quicktime like events where the player can fist bump or shake the hand of their crew members which kicks ass.

The demo was broken down into two sections that did not appear to be directly cut for a demo. The first section was a basic combat tutorial running the player on the how too's of blowing shit up with a technology deficient mech. The player is run through a series of tasks by a drill instructor yelling over the PA at your character. The second portion was a beach landing where your mech is storming a beach head along with infantry.

On my first time waiting in line players were struggling with constant need to be recalibrated and inability to use cockpit controls plagued some of the demos before mine. Steel Battalion has a unique way of calibrating and recalibrating. The game first asks the players to sit down with their arms pointing straight out to the sides then standing with arms out to the sides. (think jesus) These issues seemed to be related to the 70s style chairs that looked like the bottom of an egg that the Kinect could not distinguish from the player. Due to the long wait on apparent tech meltdown I walked away.

I returned the next morning with a shorter line and new chairs to play in. Players were still struggling with the Kinect portion of the game. This time it appeared to be player related. Common Kinect issues of miss detecting things that may not be your arms or not synchronizing due to quick jerking motions the sensor cannot detect. After coaching from the Capcom staff running the booth most players began getting further in the demo. One key piece of advice was to keep your hand on the controller in your lap when not interacting with Kinect. Anyone who enjoys flailing their arms playing games like in stock photos and choice CBS shows will probably not be able to play this game.

Once past the line and control issues I was finally able to get myself into the cockpit of the mech. The landing sequence starts off with you sitting viewing the entire cockpit with small window out to hard to identify world. Thrusting the controller forward and back brings the player to a view out the window. You can see the front of your landing craft now. The gate drops and you start to move the mech forward. The mech moves slowly and has the full up and down movement with each step.

Coming up the beach your first task is giving infantry cover as they take buildings on the beach. This is when you see your first enemy mech across the battlefield. Instinctively I shoot for the legs to demobilize it. It quickly goes down quickly and I move one looking for more shit to blow up. After shooting some APCs and infantry what appears to be a cannon shell hits me. I look around and see the mech I just downed shooting machine guns at my landing infantry, then another shell hits me. This motherfucker is still alive. It doesn’t appear to be able to turn its turret and my dumbass wandered into its line of fire. I move out of its cross hairs then finish it off.

At that moment I knew I will be looking into Steel Battalion regardless of any Kinect issues experience on the show floor. The attention to detail of the cockpit, the mech, and combat calls back to the stories of the original Steel battalions level of detail.

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Im going to recap some of the technical details from the Sony press conference last night. For context this is my twitter!/MrBob9000
The big news for affected consumers is the attack happened on US soil which may lead to a better qualified criminal investigation as well as restitution for affected users.

The Details of the attack itself were less then technical with a diagram depicting a generic web stack WWW server> App Server > DB server. The hacker('s?) created a tool that exploited the application server which allowed them access to the database and this is how they got the user info. The execs stated two things which would leave room to believe the credit card (CC) data is safe. First they said that the CC data was in a different part of the database and there had been no current evidence that this had been accessed. The second part was that the data was encrypted.

From my point of view with novice knowledge of computer systems and infosec I have some issues with this. Going back to their simple database diagram (sorry no screen shots) this did not divulge the structure of their network beyond the basic components. there is not one web server, one application server or one database server. there is probably not on website, one application or one database. going back to the execs points about CC data being in a different location. does this mean it was in a different table? a different database? a different database on a separate server?

This is important since they had stated only the application had been compromised and not the entire server. this may not be the truth but lets go off what they had said. within the context of the compromised application the attacker may only have the data that application was configured to access. This is where the structure of the application and database come into play. was the CC data accessible from the compromised application natively? would the hackers have enough control to repoint application at the location of the CC data?

my second issue is using "encrypted" as a magical word that prevents any bad men from accessing highly sensitive customer data. as far as I know in the multiple press releases, blogs and the press conference was the algorithm used to encrypt or the type of database used. In the wide world of data encryption there are many methods to encrypt data some of them better then others, some completely broken that anyone with Google could crack. When I think about encryption algorithms I generally think of how long it would take to crack. with WEP wireless encryptions it can take less then five minutes if you can get the network chatty. others could take multiple decades being crunched on the most powerful of super computers.

At this point in the data breach game I feel that although Sony has had a major breach I believe them and their customers are in a far better position then other breaches such as Heartland, TJX, and HBGary. The attack happened on the 19th and they have come forward with tangible information and promises of coverage of CC reissue fees withing two weeks of the breach even without confirmed CC data breach. Heartland and TJX did not even know shit had gone down in their network for years before they noticed.

on a minor not there are 10 million PSN/Qiricity accounts with registered credit cards. there is a high probability in my mind that some people who are currently reporting fraud linking back to the PSN attack have actually had their info stolen by other methods previously. From what I know about CC theft the numbers are generally shuffled through black markets and used by buyers up too two years later from initial theft. Not saying this is impossible that fraud from this attack is happening this quickly but I believe it not to be likely.

I will probably buy Sony products again if the PR train keeps going from the station it left from last night.

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I would not be interested in another podcast as all things whiskey in the podcast world is already hard to keep on top of. I would like to see a week ending wrap up that focuses on key points of stories but leaves the rest to the original write up.

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@LordAndrew I have the same problem. Tag is mrbob9000. As far as I know I had disabled all my privacy settings last month hoping to sync