Modern Warfare 3 Map Packs Released on PSN

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Good news for Playstation 3 owners of Modern Warfare 3 today, as Microsoft’s exclusivity deal with Activision has run its course for the first batch of DLC. Available on Playstation Network for $15, MW3’s first Content Collection consists of four new multiplayer maps – Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch (pictured below) and Black Box, along with two new Special Ops maps – Black Ice and Negotiator. This marks the first time new Special Ops content has been made available via DLC.

Unfortunately for the PC crowd, MW3 Content Collection #1 is still Oscar Mike for the personal computer, however Activision claims the maps will drop for PC soon. In the meantime, Modern Warfare 3 will hold a Double XP weekend starting Friday, April 20 at 2 a.m., so if you were on the fence about prestiging again, now’s your chance for some quick leveling. So what are you waiting for soldier? Those obnoxious screaming little kids aren’t going to shoot themselves!

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