The start of something new

Its nearly my mid-semester break so I get two weeks off this friday.  So now is the time for me to find stuff to do for those two weeks, other than doing school work.
Things I have got lined up at the moment are
Buying a new comic - The walking dead
Gettting a new game - Civ 5 (maybe unsure due to how much money I have)
Playing a game I got for free - Minecraft
I still pretty much have no idea what that game is, but ive done nearly nothing yet for soem reason it still seems rather fun.
 Oh and im still playing halo reach.


Got My gaming PC

So I have my first gaming PC for about 2 or 3 weeks now and its been great, because my xbox has been packed away due to me moving. It has also shed some light on the gaming PC world for me. Before I got my PC i was a PC GAMING IS DYING HAHA guy. Now i know how wrong I really was, It seems to me that PC gaming is doing better than ever! At heart I am still a hardcore console player and that won't be changing any time soon. (I still prefer FPS on console). The reasons why PC gaming is so great is well for me anyway is Steam. It's another reason why Valve is one of the most important gaming company to date. It's important to me and pc gaming as a whole because you can easily access games and they have amazing sales. (In the first week of getting my PC, i brought 8 games off steam). But at this moment I don't think I could spend more than $15USD on Steam for a game, unless it was really really good. I have also taken an oath since I got my PC which is "Thou Shall Not Have Any Pirated Games On Thou PC." And I plan to stick to it.


Blog post 4 or something...

So here i am, hopefully i get my nice gaming PC rig this week so i can FINALLY boot up starcraft 2 after having it sit on my desk for a week or more. Its starting to taunt me now and looking at me with those dark evil eyes. Also thinking about geting S.T.A.L.K.E.R game of steam once i get my pc. First i will see how that goes. Really unsure due to my current spending money needs. Oh and Halo Reach soon! i hope i can get the legendary edition when it comes out.


Finally getting my custom built gaming PC

So hopefully i should be getting my gaming PC either this week or early next week, depends how long the parts take to come in etc.  I thought it was a good idea to go looking through steam looking for PC games i could get my virgin PC gamer hands on. (I'm prob going to get starcraft 2, but a  bit on the fence about it because on the rather big price tag in my country) and I was thinking to myself what would be a good space Sim on pc? (im more of a 360 guy but i dont there would be any good space sims on that)


I hate the Wake Of Avatar.

So today while i was looking at the paper reading the article about that new spider man brit, i noticed down the bottom of the page that it said ALSO BEING SHOT IN 3D! Because of Avatar now everything wants a piece of the 3D pie. Is it possible to have a big movie release without 3D? Also because of Avatar, games have now gone into 'trying to be 3d' like sony with their new 3d tv's. I'm glad microsoft has stayed away from 3D until it actually gets good. (but i do have to add. the 3DS sounds amazing.)


So im new to this.

Well this is my first blog. And i dont know really what to write so here goes.
My mate and I have a few skits to film but first i need to buy a HD camera which i plan to get is a Koda Zi8. I hope its good.
Also At the moment im playing Dantes while i wait for transformers which i should hopefully get next week =]