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So. I woke up this morning, and didn't get myself a gun. Instead I woke up on the floor in a room I didn't know with four guys I had no idea who were. Interesting premise, right? 
But the point is that on my way home I listened to my iPod. What did I listen to? The Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack. I must admit that even though I didn't like the game (which was a billion times more difficult than the first), the soundtrack is every bit as awesome as the first one. Also, the way some of the songs "build on" the first DKC soundtrack (e.g. Snakey Chantey builds on the pirate ship theme and the new Cranky theme builds on the old one) is nice. 
I wanted to say a whole bunch about David Wise, about how Stickerbrush Symphony is included in almost every "Top X video game music" list out there, and how much well-composed music can help to immerse the player in almost any game. 
But I'm totally and utterly hung over right now. 


I hereby declare this blog open

Motivated by this silly, yet intriguing quest system of Whiskey's, I guess I better get my blog up. 
So... What do you write about here? Seeing as I just bought LittleBigPlanet, I figure that might be a place to start. 
I know what some of you may be thinking, "at last", but, hey, it didn't look that appealing to me at all, and then I ended up forgetting all about it. Until now, when I needed something to quell my thirst for new games until God of War Trilogy finally hits Europe at the end of the month (and Dante's Inferno was still too expensive). 
I must say that I enjoy LittleBigPlanet very much. It has an undeniable charm that still gets to you even if you normally spend all your time on shooters or porn. It's also relieving to see how many people are still online even now - and thousands of levels are still published each and every day... 
...which leads me to my criticism, not of the game but of the community: I'm talking about the dreaded "H4H" phenomenon. It didn't take me long to find it, as several users apparently spammed the comment pages to the main levels with 'H4H plz', 'tyr my lvl plz' etc. etc. - all stupid fucking advertising in the hopes of getting 'hearted' in order to get trophies. 
Normally, I have nothing against boosting. I can't get my platinum trophies in Overlord II or Grand Theft Auto IV because there are some online trophies involved, and there are simply no players online anymore! In those kind of situations I find boosting to be fair and square, but you should NOT. BOOST. IN. LITTLEBIGPLANET! Why? Because it totally fucks with the whole ideal of the game. If you reward spamming people by hearting their useless shit levels then you are discouraging anyone who actually *tries* to make entertaining levels - whether in order to get hearted or not. 
The whole point of boosting was to help you with tasks that would otherwise be impossible because of a lack of online players - but this is abusing the idea for your own good. Even as a trophy whore I am appalled.