Conflict of Interest for Podcast, and Other Things

So, here's some clarification on what Ron B. can and cannot answer on the podcast(if you're confused, see my last blog post):

- He can talk about WHO his clients are.

- He cannot talk about what they're currently working on.

- He can't talk smack about his clients as if he were just one of us (obviously, since he's in P.R.).

I've asked him if he can talk about the PR experience with products out on the market already, such as Spore. Waiting to hear back on that. Regardless...

...I'm brewing up a new short 1-minute segment called "Conflict of Interest" in which you, dear listener, send in questions that are so obviously a conflict of interest or biased for whatever guest we happen to have -- or even any of us. The object would be for us to choose the most asininely conflicting/biased question. Pointless? Yes. Makes everyone uncomfortable? Yes. That's the point. So I guess it isn't pointless. Or maybe it is.

For some mild examples, you could ask Ron, "Why did Army of Two suck so much ****"? (He can't talk smack about EA), or you could ask Mr. Alex Navarro (who may or may not be able to join us for a few minutes in the weeks to come depending on his schedule), "How often do you dream about Guitar Hero: World Tour?" (He works for Harmonix.) You might ask me something intentionally ridiculous about Gamespot's reviews system or ask Al why Optimum Online is the worst internet service out there, since he works at, oh let's call it Snablevision. Or you could ask Slunks to recite the entire recipe for Chick-Fil-A's waffle-cut fries. These are supposed to be asinine questions, folks -- nothing really serious -- but at the same time not so random that they don't make sense. In other words, like I said, REAL questions that you know we can't answer or to which you know exactly how we'd (have to) answer.

This new segment may not fly if it sucks (and it just might suck hard), so it's all up to you, dear listener.

Anyway, Ron will be joining us as the subject of our "main" segment as well as for our mailbag (obviously). Since I'm sure there will be some sort of news attached to at least one of his clients in the news bucket, he won't be joining us for that. He may join us for What We've Been Playing and we'll just edit around it, so don't be shocked if you hear him for the first segment, bow out for the news, and return for the final segments. (Obviously we'd record the News last, and editing magic would make it all happen properly.)

"Where do I send my questions / comments in?" Well duh: mailbag AT!!! trigames DOT!!! net. Or this form. (Also feel free to send in questions about Too Human since that's fresh in my mind.)

Other Things:

* the_antipode just txt'ed me that he's about to buy Too Human thanks to the aid of a gift certificate. Hopefully I'll be able to dive into co-op this week and lend my final thoughts on the game in the form of a review.

* I just started Blue Dragon yesterday, in yet another blow to my backlog. I played it while packing for my train ride back to NYC today. Whenever a cutscene (there were numerous 30-second cutscenes, which -- if you know me, you won't be surprised -- irritated the living **** out of me) popped up, the controller went down and more clothes were folded. Whenever a battle popped up, I mashed the A button with my foot while folding more clothes / throwing them into my luggage. Yeah. So far, not impressed. But it's only been 45 minutes and I hear the job system gets pretty FFV-ish, so we'll see.

* Today is September 11th, and while I am traveling home via train instead of plane, I am still nervous. Go figure.

* Playing Xbox 360 in SD resolutions, and interlaced to boot, is painful. Graphics still look tight in Too Human and Blue Dragon, but reading the smaller text hurts. It's legible, and it's not like Dead Rising was, but it's still a shocker even when knowing what to expect.