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The well is dry. We need some questionnes!

In case you haven't heard... Trigames.NET Podcast Episode 174 has been up for the better portion of the week. Didn't know? Well, then, that means you should be subscribing to our RSS ( with iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or your RSS reader. (You can also get it direct from the site:

We're running dry on listener topics this week (i.e. we haven't thought of any) so, please, send us your question, comments or monetary gifts! Either hit up mailbag [at] trigames [dot] net, comment on the group wall, or Tweet us @MrCHUPON, @DRedMage, and @Ryvvn before noon EST this Saturday.

Special thanks to TheRoadHead for an epic long email last week. But the dude doesn't blog. Egg him on!

Spanks a lot, and play on.