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Trigames Schedule Updates -- WE WANT YOUR MAILBAG QUESTIONS!

I never blog here or anywhere else, so I don't know why I decided to pick up the keyboard again, but feh, who cares.

Referring to the blog title, it's not as if we had any set schedule in the first place. Trigames has always just been a thing that Al and I did--at times, with differing goals depending on where we were in life, but still ultimately just a "thing we did"--and these days it's been serving two functions.

One, the podcast keeps me and Al in touch with each other. Yes, we live in the same city, and we're an hour apart by subway--shorter if I'm leaving from my girlfriend's place--but our work schedules are vastly different, he being a night owl and me on a more "normal" schedule.

Two, that the site exists keeps me driven to plow through my backlog and try to complete games, instead of just tasting them and then putting them aside for later. This comes about because I like writing or talking about them, and if I don't play through a lot, there's not much to talk about. (Unless it's a game I dislike early on. Then it's just fun to rail on.) That's why I've been trying to post some video.

By no means is this a ticket to a job in the industry--my freelance Gamespot dalliance was great and it's helped me scratch that itch sufficiently. And by no means can it become as much of a fixture in our lives as we once envisioned it to be.

BUT STILL!!!!! "Schedule" updates.

Al and I used to record on Saturdays. We've been doing this sporadically ever since his son was born. Weekends are now out of the equation, though, as he takes up a more aggressive fatherhood schedule. So we're going to experiment with a lunchtime Friday cast, which can only be limited to an hour if we end up doing it (and my conference call schedule allows). What this means is, if we can discipline ourselves, shorter episodes, but hopefully more frequently--ideally back to our weekly output (I'm not holding my breath).

I miss the listener questions, though. Of course with our reduced output and--I suspect--my reduced participation on game site blogs, I'm almost positive our listernship has decreased by, like, a million percent. Hopefully I can change that with an obnoxious, italic all-caps plea:


Or you can always tweet us at @MrCHUPON and @DRedMage of course. I suppose spamming out a plea to friends and old-time listeners like @eduardo @Slunks @yeah_write @TonicBH @LordAndrew @skrutop @DrFish @m0zart @lordofultima @jimb0 @Dendei @SophinaK @aspro73 and anyone--forgive me--whom I may have missed.

Yeah. I'm shameless. Less shame. No shame!

Also I'm thinking of adding a "How I Would Fix [insert game title]" feature where I'd talk about a game that has just one or two small but deal-breaking things that get in the way of an experience that I believe I would ultimately enjoy (inspired by Parasite Eve 2's tank controls). Any other editorial ideas?

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