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Which current-day games would you give a retro makeover?

So on Episode 173 of the Trigames.NET Podcast, which you can download now off of iTunes, Zune Marketplace or any other podcast feed (, we talked about older games that we'd like to see remade in this day and age, and not in the Ninja Gaiden way, but the Bionic Commando Re-Armed way--i.e. keeping the core spirit of the gameplay and not totally overhauling it. Pete, then, came up with a great idea for this week's topic. What current-day games would you like to see given the retro treatment? Think about things like how Dark Void came out with a short, 8-bit promo game on DSiWare.

What game would you like to see get this treatment, and what would you have them do?

You can send in your thoughts via the following means as usual:

1) Email! mailbag AT trigames DOT net

2) Leave a comment right here!

3) Leave a comment on our Facebook Page wall:

4) Twitter any of the podcast staffers, though we'd prefer ideas more than 140 characters long :) (@ MrCHUPON, @ DRedMage, @ Ryvvn)