Top 5 Games of the Year (2014 edition)

Why top 5? Well much of the year I spent catching up on games from 2013 and playing even older games so my list doesn't really stretch to top 10 unless I start to include games that didn't really matter much to me.

To me, 2014 was the year coach co-op came back and you'll see that represented here in my list. SportsFriends is missing though as the PC version was only recently released and I've yet to play it.


Dark Souls II

In a lot of ways, Dark Souls II is a disappointing game. It's too easy for one and while that's an odd complaint, it's one that only works for a series known for being hard as nails. I was able to beat many bosses on my first try but DSII came alive for me the more I became involved in the PvP, something I actively avoided in the original. There are even entire secret areas that troll you the second you walk in them as 2 or 3 high level players suddenly appear just to murder your ass. It's a great feeling to turn the tables however when you successfully beat them. DSII may not be a better DS but it is a smarter one.


Shadow of Mordor

A game that started life as a Batman game later turned MiddleEarth game (if rumours are to be believed) probably shouldn't be this good. But this is Monolith we're talking about. A developer that can seemingly make anything work (that Batman shooter was surprisingly fun). SoM isn't breaking any new ground but it does almost everything so well. The biggest downside to the whole game is its length. Completing just the story missions will clock you in around 10 hours and the side activities are mostly centred around the main ones anyway but the reason to come to the game in the first place is its nemesis system which it pulls off flawlessly which each nemesis having their own personality and social standing. Seeing enemies return in different ways was a real treat as they became stronger and one strategy that worked before, they may now be immune too. It's certainly a system I'd love to see used elsewhere.


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