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MrCynical: Best of 2009

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  • Astonishing. I actually loved the original to bits, and the improvements made in the sequel make it absolutely mind-blowing. Game of the year by a very long way.

  • Playing this after PES2009 was a revelation. Players who can play a proper one touch pass, a game that flows from one end of the pitch to another rather than stumbles...

  • Diablo II in 3D, but scifi shooting instead of swords and goblins

  • Original concept turned into a peaceful, magical game.

  • The multiplayer is excellent, the pinnacle of what has become the most popular online gaming series. The problem is that the improvements are largely superficial - two weapon addons instead of one, new killstreak rewards and so on. The singleplayer is a confused mess, with a plot that makes absolutely no sense and insane difficulty spikes (I'm looking at YOU favela chase) which spoil the flow. Don't get me wrong, Modern Warfare 2 is a fantastic game and one of the best released this year, it just isn't deserving of being near #1.

  • Despite a truly negligent launch, having the best multiplayer plane combat in any game gets this onto the list

  • It's Peggle. In high-def on the 360. Need I say any more?

  • The PSP version lets you use all the characters from the start, and the gameplay is much more like the classic Tekken games than the last couple of outings.

  • Why did they wait so long to make this?

  • In by default for lack of any better games this year. Waiting for it to come out on 360, but since it's the original Serious Sam with added shinyness I feel confident enough to put it in here sight-unseen.