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Assassin's Creed, DJ Hero and a Credit Card!!!

 Hey all. 
Ok, so after finishing The Saboteur (really really enjoyed it by the way) i went out and got myself Assassin's Creed 2. Wasn't really sure whether or not i was going to like the game seeing as how much of a love/hate relationship i had with the first one. I have to say that it is good to have a sequel come out where its clear that the developer listened to what people liked and didnt like about the first one. Right from the start the game manages to hold onto the gripping story (Assassin's Vs. Templars) and keeps much of the action and movement that made the first game so much fun.  

Thinking that AC2 would keep me entertained for many an hour i headed out the next day to do some non game related shopping, only to see DJ Hero: Renegade Edition reduced from $299 to $99 for ONE DAY ONLY!!! Now really, how could have I, as a self respecting gamer, walked past that ever so inviting GAME store and not made that purchase? I mean i would basicly have been ripping myself off if i hadnt bought it right??? Yeah, thats what I thought.       
Anyway, made it about half way home before the "OMG what the hell have I gone and bought now" thoughts began to creep into my head. You must realise I am not a very coordinated person, and have never owned or even played any of the many peripheral games out there. I really didnt know what I was in for. So i got it home and set it all up and was inspired simply by the look of the Renegade's snazzy black carry case and turn-table with gold highlights. After playing through the tutorial and making my way through about 4 of the sets, i realised this game is not easy (for me at least). I mean, im playing it on the "easy" setting and im averaging probs 3 stars. I have got a few 5 stars but they don't come up often. And then an interesting thing happened, i realised that i really liked it, like i was having fun and the music is good, and it looks AWESOME! and i know that the game replicates real DJing very little, but i feel cool when im playing it! All in all, not a horrible buy.  
On top of all this, im going to be applying for my first credit card tonight. And so i begin my decent into owing people money. WHEEEE!!!  
Thats really all for now. Im going to be making my way through AC2 and DJ for the next few weeks at least, not sure what ill be getting after that.  
Until next time, Happy Gaming.  
P.S. As usual, feel free to leave any comments about what iv talked about or just about the blog itself. Also, feel free to follow me :D


Off to get some more games!

Hey all, Hope we all had an awesome Christmas and all that.  
About to head out to my local retailer and will more than likely end up with some new games that i dont really need. Will be getting Valkyria Chronicles if i can get for a low enough price. Apart from that might be getting some new DVDs and other such things. 
Thinking about getting DJ Hero for $99 from GAME this week and also maybe Rock Band for about the same price. Have never played any of those sorts of game before so im not sure if it would be a good idea or not. More likely to get DJ Hero i think seeing as i dont really have much opportunity to play games with friends.  
In terms of games i have been playing, still making my way through The Saboteur. Sort of hard to know how close i am to finishing it. Hoping that it is close to the end to be honest as i am getting a little bit over it. Once thats out of the way ill be heading out and getting Assassin's Creed 2 and getting into that.  
Work is more or less over now that Christmas is done, only working a few days a week and im not back into University until the 1st of March so this time now is going to be my best chance to get my game on. Also hoping that i can work through a few games before all the 2010 releases come out.  
Hope you all have a happy New Years! 


Le Saboteur, maybe a new phone and crazy Christmas!

Ok so iv been getting through the Saboteur and im really liking it so far, the game has some week spots no doubt but i love the setting and the art direction is awesome. The characters are over the top and total stereotypes but its all intentional and it doesnt take itself to seriously by any means. Despite the two games being similar, iv found the Saboteur to hold my interest a lot more than InFamous ever did.   

In other news my dad (whos almost 60) has gone and got himself an iPhone. Very annoying when you know your dad has a better phone than you do. In order to keep up with him and attempt to hold onto some form of credibility as a tech addicted member of Generation Y, i am now thinking of getting myself a new phone. Thinking about either the Samsung F480 ($300) or the LG Xenon ($500). Leaning heavily towards the Samsung for the moment at least. If anybody owns either of these phones then feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.   

Finally, iv been working my ass of lately coming up to Christmas and its only going to get worse this week. It will be hell up until 7pm Christmas Eve, after that i have 3 days off and hopefully itll all settle down over January.  
Until next time, Happy gaming and i hope you all have a very happy and safe Christmas with your families and friends.  


Yes its ANOTHER blog. woop woop.

I am actually managing to update my blog like a week after i last posted as opposed to a few months/years as has happened in the past.  
So iv mainly been playing KOTOR since i last posted tho i did manage to get myself back into InFamous and am slowly going to be working through that.  
Deleted Frontlines and moved on from that one, mainly due to the shocking AI, wrote a review if anyone is interested to know more about what i thought of the game.  
My current list of games that i want is as follows:  
- GTA4:  Episodes from Liberty City (360) 
- Assassin's Creed (PS3)
- God of War Collection (PS3)
- The Saboteur (PS3)
- Tropico 3 (PC)  
If anybody out there has seen/played/owns both the 360 and PS3 versions of AC2 could they comment on how much difference the graphics are. Im curious about this because the CO-OP show ( did a review on it and commented that there was a huge difference. The problem is that i cant watch their review because there is a spoiler warning attached to it.  
Dont know when ill get around to actually getting all of these tho chances are that it wont be before Christmas seeing as im pulling crazy hours at work up to and including Christmas Eve (i work in retail).    
Happy Gaming. 


Really wishing that i could just sit down and play.

Hey all, trying to keep my blog more up to date seeing as i have a bit more time for now.   

Was hanging out for the end of my second year of uni so i could get onto holidays and then be able to get some good gaming time in. The problem is i am once again realizing that i do not have an attention span that allows me to just sit down and play a game for a few hours. Iv never really been able to do this to be honest, the closest iv ever been able to get is playing for a few hours (2 at the most) then say an hours break and get back into the game for another few hours play. I was able to do this with the Uncharted games for example.   
Am now thinking that this is the reason that i have such a ridiculous backlog of games that i have never beaten.   

As an update to me previous blog, i still havent gone back to InFamous. I bought Frontlines: Fuel of War on STEAM and then followed that up with KOTOR. Dont know if ill ever get around to playing InFamous again or not. Only time will tell i think. It just wasnt holding my attention and i sort of didnt really care about the story or the characters to be honest.   

My next few purchases are going to most likely be Assassin's Creed 2 and GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Though i am not planning on picking these up for quite some time as i have to play some more older games first so that i dont feel quite so guilty when i head out and buy the new ones.   

Really getting quite sick of the gaming industry releasing all their games at one time. I only have so much time and money avalable to me, esspecially coming up to Christmas.  

Anyway, thats my little rant for the day. 
Happy Gaming. 
P.S. Feel free to leave comments or add me if you want. All thought appreciated.    


Am now on holidays!!! (but still has to work) :(

Ok so im done with my second year of uni (or college for you Americans). Was getting all excited that i would totally be able to sit in front of my TV all day and play games.  
Then i remembered 2 things. 1. i still have to go to work. and 2. sitting in front of your TV all day isnt all that much fun (especially seeing as how i have to stand when i play my 360 coz of the hight the tv is at).  
I went out and bought Uncharted 2 and InFamous the other day. Beat Uncharted in about 2 days and am still going on InFamous.  
Also discovered thanks to @thecleric. Brilliant site for people like me who cannot seem to finish most of their games.  
Next thing to do is to beat InFamous, then move onto some of my older games which iv never got around to finishing. Namely Mass Effect, Overlord and Rainbow 6 Vegas. 
Once these are done or at least more complete than they were i'll head out and get Assassin's Creed 2.   
Until next time, happy gaming.  



So i got sick of the games i was playing and decided to have a look through some of my older games. I came across Starcraft and the Brood War expansion. 

Been so long since i had played them i thought, meh, why not? Also had just seen the 2nd Starcraft 2 Battle Report that Brad posted up the other day. 
Gotta say for a game released in 1998 the game has aged well! Going back through the campaign atm. See how i go. No doubt ill be sick of it within a week or so but who cares?!?!? 




And im back. 

Kinda keep forgetting i can do the whole blog thing but at the moment i am quite bored so what the hell. 
Yeah i picked up bad company... thought it was a little bit shit to be honest. Liked the humor and the characters but didn't like it so much as a shooter. Currently playing COD4 online (Still) and was playing Splinter Cell Double Agent the other week coz i picked that up cheap. 
Now im more or less broke and thinking of bringing out some of my PC games again. Haven't played an RTS for a while so im tossing up between Company of Heros and World in Conflict.
Don't know if either of them will win. Only have two weeks of holidays and i should be getting some uni assignments done in that time... hmmm.
Anyway i better go and try and make my mind up.


Alright... im here.

Hey guys.
My name is MrFizzy and i have now signed up to!!! WOOT!
Ok what else... well i live in Australia and am doing an management degree at uni.
Realy glad that this site has been started up so that we actualy have an alternative to gamespot. its looking good even though i am writing this on the sites second day of being online. a little slow at the moment but im sure its just a server bearing a heavy load.
Currently playing call of duty 4 online coz i just got LIVE and am totaly blown away by that games multiplayer! Thinking of picking up Battlefield: Bad Company on the weekend or whenever i get some money. Appart from that not a whole lot happening. Dont know how much im going to be playing in the coming weeks coz i am back at uni now so we'll just have to see what happens.
Well thats all for now.

Party On!!!


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