Am now on holidays!!! (but still has to work) :(

Ok so im done with my second year of uni (or college for you Americans). Was getting all excited that i would totally be able to sit in front of my TV all day and play games.  
Then i remembered 2 things. 1. i still have to go to work. and 2. sitting in front of your TV all day isnt all that much fun (especially seeing as how i have to stand when i play my 360 coz of the hight the tv is at).  
I went out and bought Uncharted 2 and InFamous the other day. Beat Uncharted in about 2 days and am still going on InFamous.  
Also discovered thanks to @thecleric. Brilliant site for people like me who cannot seem to finish most of their games.  
Next thing to do is to beat InFamous, then move onto some of my older games which iv never got around to finishing. Namely Mass Effect, Overlord and Rainbow 6 Vegas. 
Once these are done or at least more complete than they were i'll head out and get Assassin's Creed 2.   
Until next time, happy gaming.