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Buying a SNES and my decent into financial darkness.

Hi all,  
 Certainly has been a while since I last did a blog on here. Since then i'v graduated from University and am now looking for a job. It is rather odd being in limbo like i am at the moment. In order to calm my nerves i have once again turned to gaming. I recently bought Darksiders and am about half wayish through that. Also got Alan Wake but havent even taken it out of the shrinkwrap yet.  
Mentioned in my last blog that i had access to a Wii, honestly have not really touched it since that day and have not purchased a single game for it and have no interest in doing so.   
In other news, as of about 30 minutes ago I am the owner of a SNES, never had one before and bought it in the hope that one day it will make up part of a collection of old gaming consoles. Really hoping that i dont regret the decision. Anyway it will still be another week or 2 before it is delivered to me but when that happens i'll be posting pics etc.  
Thats all for now, Thanks for reading.