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Hey, hi, hello, im back!

Ok, so, with the exception of my last post which was simply for points, i havent blogged for quite a while, really not sure why i stopped but there ya go.  
Updates!!! I did manage to finish mass effect 1, i then went and bought Mass Effect 2, finished it and loved every fucking minute of it! I never ended up getting Bioshock 2 mainly because i am a poor uni student. I never finished Fallout 3 tho i will try again some time and my diet/exercise regime is up and down.  
As of yesterday i am playing Just Cause 2 and really liking it. Played the first one and it was ok but this is very nice indeed. Story isnt much but the gameplay is fun and thats all i want.  
Also, went to the eye doctor yesterday and found out that i will soon have glasses and will continue to have them for the rest of my life.  
Oh and the point system has come in and im now level 12, i feel all warm and fuzzy.  
Until next time,