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I got a ds. WIN!

So i ended up buying a Nintendo ds Lite. Am well impressed with it so far. Got Professor Layton and Pandora's Box and Phoenix Wright when i got it and just got GTA: Chinatown Wars today. Honestly loving everything to do with it. All the games are awesome and i really could not be happier. If anyone is interested iv started a few topics in the ds forum if anyone wants to suggest some games. Not going to be getting any for a while seeing as i dont want to have a huge stack of unfinished/unplayed games like i do with all my other systems.  
Also, didnt realise till a friend mentioned it to me, but if i get a Wii then i will have all current gen systems (360, ps3, wii, psp, ds). I really dont know if i should be proud of this fact for not. Im leaning towards the not part.  
Leave any comments or questions. Any game suggestions or whatever.  
Until next time,