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Long time no speak

Hey Duders,

Been an age since I blogged on here. Since then I got that job I was looking for and will be leaving it to move north in a week.

I just finished Saint's Row 2, am now playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have Wolfenstein and Ace Combat Assault Horizon sitting next to me waiting to be played. When I move I am planing on getting some serious gaming done so we will see how that goes.

I plan to keep my gaming shenanigans updated on here as I go and also to post some reviews of the games I have mentioned but for all other things that are happening in my life I have created a separate blog over on Blogger titles The Limbo Life of Simon (

I was going to do that blog on here but I think it will end up being to unrelated to games and more about me so decided to keep it separate.

Feel free to have a read and leave comments if you so choose.

I will be back to let you know what I think of the upcoming games tho from what I have heard about Ace Combat I am wondering if that was a wise purchase.