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Multiplayer, DS Lite and Buying Online.

Hello gamers.  
Ok so been a bit since i last blogged and since then i have had a few interesting gaming experiences.  
First off i went and downloaded the MAG Open Beta and was really quite impressed, i know that a lot of you out there didnt like it for the graphics etc etc but i felt that it was really sort of a throw back to the old Online FPS such as Battlefield 1942 and such. Very tactical game when compared to games like MW2 which seem just chaotic and messy in comparison. Most likely i will be picking up the retail copy of the game when it comes out here (Febuary 11 i think).  
Also im thinking of getting a DS Lite seeing as EB Games is selling them used for $120 AUD. Have started a forum topic about this seeing as i cant decide if i should A) Get the used/cheap Lite, B) Wait it out and see if the DSi drops in price, C) wait and see if something new and possible better comes out this year. If you want to comment on this go to the topic in the forums. LINK: 
Last but not least i want to talk about buying games online. As some of you may know i live in Australia and as Rayfield has pointed out in his blog on this site, being a gamer in Australia is sort of sucky. One of the main problems i have with it is that we pay a lot more for our games than other parts of the world do (especially the United States). In order to counter this i have been looking around online for some game bargains. Ebay is looking like the most likely option for games. Tho i have bought a 12 month LIVE subscription off which were almost $30 cheaper than RRP. I know a lot of people use Playasia but i havent seen a whole lot of great prices on there to be honest.  
If any of you out there buy games online on a regular basis then feel free to comment and let me know where you go or any hints and tips you have to getting cheap games.  
As usual feel free to comment on the blog or ask me any questions.  
Until next time, happy gaming.