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Wonder if this is gonna replace beast in the east for a while so they can take a break before going straight into kiwami.

Was sort of hoping for the finale they would've gone live today to finish it up, but hey, really curious to see what dan thinks of sunshine

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I never got the intention that the team was willing to forgive akechi, but more that they felt sympathetic for him and they respected that he was as powerful as joker, as he was essentially just used as a tool with severe daddy issues. (Maybe a stronger localization would have made this easier to swallow?)

How they tricked akechi to not actually kill joker initially took me for a complete spin, but eventually I understood (thank god they did all those flash backs)

And I wished they gave the player a bit more time to breathe after beating shidos palace, but I understood why they did it with the lead up of the MC turning himself in on Xmas eve and spending time with your romanced lady on Xmas eve (I went makoto, and hers flowed seemlessly into the next story bit where she's sitting there with futaba and sojiro)

And just based on how 4 went and how this game played out, yea the structures are the same (even though I think Izanami was an actual god and had more of a genocidal mindset with the fog, while yaldabaoh was basically created from the cynicism of the public, and wanted to rule over the public as their god)

but I think this game has a stronger execution of its "message" than 4 did, (outright symbolized with the protagonist summoning the gnostic "rebel" Satanel to shoot the false gnostic god which grants the public emancipation )

and I think I like the characters a lot more than 4,they all were a lot more realistic with very realistic problems and insecurities, while not fully straying away from their anime archetypes they are based on, while the 4 cast, while great, I found took a bit more of a suspension of disbelief to connect with their stories than this game

Played only a bit of 3, (that games atmosphere and characters never clicked), beat 4, and I like this game a lot more than 4, there's some jank in the localization or in the story itself where some bits in the story could have been smoother, but the good overshadows the bad for me and it's easily one of the best games I've ever played.

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I'm actually so with you on this, persona 5 completely renergized my enthusiasm as well,

And yea give Nier a shot,

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I don't think youill enjoy the rest of the game then to be honest, they do back up their logic later on in the game though (also it's a JRPG, at some point you do have to accept a suspension of disbelief)

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@clairvoyantvibrations : I sort of get what your saying, how your describing that game to me is how I feel about persona 5, I might have to check that game out after what you wrote duder

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I never thought a game would renergize me to interact in forums and just be a renergizing force overall like persona 5,

110 hours in and about to finish the game and I'm already thinking about jumping straight back in for new game+ (And I haven't done this for a game in years), the overall themes the game this game drives home to me are deadly on point and really encourages to user to at least THINK, while at the same time giving you a chance to breathe without being overbearing, and the characters are all written so well that I honestly see a bunch of my friends in them more than I did with the cast of 4,

and just the atmosphere the game creates overall during those in between target moments where your just going about doing the more routine things like building links or stats is just so damn chill and comforting that I bought the soundtrack off iTunes.

It's one I'm gonna be thinking about for some time,

One of the best games I've ever played easily

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Makoto, Originally was going for Ann and then later on in that link some of her ditzy habits straight up reminded me of a girl I used to know which I decided against it, and she also seems like Ryujis interest if anything.

And the little bit of personality they let ur main character have always seemed like to me that Makoto would be the "canon interest" if they ever go that route. And her overall storyline is honestly relatable

Would have went for Futaba as their link storyline is honestly adorable, but that character is like 14-15? And she always seems more like a sister if anything.

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It's really shaping up to be one of the best years in games so far, so an easy 10 in terms of excitement, but very curious to see how the rest of the year holds up or if it's gonna be all frontloaded

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Keep playing, they justify it somewhat

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Yea by far this games mix of the cheery light heartedness of 4 with the seriousness of 3 is probably my favorite thing about it, I would have hated deeply if it went all in on the seriousness.

Kojima and I think even Yoko Taro talked about this sort of thing in an interview a while back since MGS sort of has these "valleys" as well, about how in his games, he carries the player through emotional ups and downs and he wants the players to be able to "play" in these valleys before the next major beat (hence the goofy aspects of the metal gear games) and even the yakuza games (especially 0) has these moments as well, of a deathly serious story, but gives the players a moment to breathe with some goofy side quests/moments.

Like I get it, for example, after taking down a story target and they are confessing their crimes, would make a good point for them to go on a longer deep dive on societial issues in real life, but ur main characters are still high school kids with definitely a lot of other stuff going on in their lives, and I'm glad the game decides to portray more of these characters lives and inner struggles than try to hold up a direct mirror on societial issues, if I wanted that, I could just go outside or read the news instead of playing a game.