So my laptop just arrived from (best tech store ever!)
Here is a link to what i got:

My plan is to do the following with it:
Take to school
Do some writing
Work on website
Watch Movies
Listen to Music
Browse Internet
Play old/low tech games on it

My pc will:
Although i've yet to decide if i will move keep it in my dorm, more on that later.

Also...i feel like writing again, so who knows, maybe i'll get that review of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky up.


laptop......and an EVE Report

Ok, so i'm saving up for a laptop because i want something portable to do my school work and website development on (i apologize Beefy, that's the name of my desktop, but sometimes a man just has to move on). The laptop i'm getting is nothing too fancy, 2.0ghz processor, 2gb RAM, Intel HD4500 GPU, and Windows Vista Home Premium. My question for you all is....what are some good old games i could get that i could convince my friends to buy and play with me?

EVE Report.
I've done some mining.
I bought my industrial ship.
Saving for a ship with drone capabilities.
Training Drone skills.
pics on next eve Report.


EVE Report 1

So EVE so far has been one consistent bag of a single emotion: awe. My first character, Joyce (James Joyce, author of A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man) Rubashov (character from the book Darkness at Noon) was a Gallente...something...Diplomat. This character just didn't work out, i made many noob mistakes one of which not being attentive to detail, which really that one mistake led to my other mistakes. 

Now then, my second character S. Rubashov (S being the initial of Strelok, a homage to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl) is a Minmatar, Brutor, with Slave Child ancestry. In other words, he's one pissed off dude. Right now i have two ships, A Minmatar Frigate, rifter and a Minmatar mining ship, burst. I plan on eventually buying a bigger mining ship and hope to continue on the Rifter Tech Levels hopefully up to Tech III. I've also joined a corporation called The Rockbreakers and their main focus is on mining asteroid belts, although i hope to also provide protection for new and old people within the corp. Also, EVE Online has definitely been more enjoyable since i play with friends.

Well thats all for my first EVE Report. Originally i planned on doing this weekly, but i think i will try and do this just when time permits. 

Current goal(s) for S. Rubashov in EVE Online:
  • Buy a new mining ship
  • Tech Level II for my Rifter
  • Establish myself within The Rockbreakers



EVE Online Adventures

So i broke down and bought EVE Online after months of contemplationg. Tonight is character creation. Tomorrow, the world, no sorry, THE UNIVERSE! I plan on doing a weekly update of my adventures/conquest/progress in EVE. If you play EVE if you could please leave some pointers or add me as a friend once i post my blog discussing my character!


clear skies are anything but clear

So recently i've been working on trying to finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. The prequel (story) sequel (game) to the now "cult" classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. In fact, i like the series so much i wrote an entire piece entitled "The Cult of Raskolnikov" describing why it is a raskolnikov (a split) and why it should be considered a game every gamer should own, such as Half-Life. It would seem though, that at about the time you enter Limansk in Clear Sky there is no turning back. There are hardly any medpacks...etc...This makes for a very challenging game and i find i'm losing my patience.  My point is, does anyone know of a mod or cheat coes or something that can spawn medpacks and or make me GOD so that i may at least finish this game up. I'm so close, but so far away from the end. (Review pending either completion or utter disregard for the game itself).
I beat the game, review withing in the next two weeks


Quake Live and Bf Heroes

I want to say this as bluntly as possible. Battlefield Heroes you're boring and bear no resemblence to either your pc or console counter-parts such as BF2142 or Battlefield: Bad Company. With that said most of us can also argue that Bf Heroes will never match the still reigning champ of the series BF2. Now while i lookforward to BF 1943, as it's more of a proper follow up along with Battlefield Bad Company 2, i can't stress just how much Bf Heroes seems out of place. It is the red headed step child. Personally, i hope it's a flop because to me it seems to scream more "give us your money via microtranscaction" than "cute-fun level battlefield game." If anything BF Heroes is a cheaters enviroment, the game is horribly balanced, and none of it is really inspired (i'm looking at you TF2 stylized art design). I used to defen this game, seeing it as a great way for my friends and myself to have fun on a budget. Turns out, i was wrong. The game is just, ugg, here are a list of problems:

1. Unbalanced gameplay
2. Cheaters bastion
3. Too much advantage to those that use micro-transaction

With that said, let us continue to Quake Live. Oh hi there Quake 3! Do you know what actually made you special? Mods. Quake live, you don't have mods, well then, fuck me. So there is my synopsis of Quake Live and Battlefield Heroes. Both of which i've played and both of which i have no desire to try again. (I will check out BF Heroes when it is properly released though, if anything to see what my friends think)


Quick Reaction to Redesign

DAMN! I really like the redesign of the site, a lot more intuitive and user friendly. Perhaps i'll get involved again. Possibly writer a Review for STALKER: Clear Sky once i beat it.


giant bomb Q&A

I will eventually look onto games of 2009(look at my wishlist) but right now i'm actually trying to play STALKER Clear Sky right now, i let it simmer for a few months, get some patches, and now i like it almost as much as STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl


Have you ever

Have you ever played an instrument? Have you ever given up because you thought it was futile? Then regret it?
I did, my viola, it now sits in my room, wanting me to play it, but i fear i forgot.


PC Problem...HELP!

Ok, so my friend and i built his pc a year ago, it had it's we'll say "unique personality." It just got worse in the past month or so. His PSU died so right now he's power in the following:
Gigabyte ATX Mobo
ATI X1900XT w/256MB
2gb of RAM
Core 2 Duo @ 2.13ghz
250GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Happauge TV Tuner
Disc Dirve(there is no plug going to this so it is not on)

With a, i believe, 350 watt PSU. It didn't have enough cords to hook into his disc drive and now his computer suffers more of the following:
Game Crashes
Blue Screens while in game

Now, everyone's comp eventually finds that game that their comp doesn't like, we'll his computer hates all games now.
So i'm wondering, what's the best course of action for him:
New RAM?
New psu?
New Graphics Card