Buying Games the Smart Way

A lot of us gamers are subject to more than one platform (Ie: PC and 360). A lot of us gamers are subject to buying a lot of games because we feel the need to buy every game. Now if you have the money to do so, do so. If you're like me, in college, and not without deep coffers, it's time to learn how to deal with the situation. First off, concerning the 360, i would suggest buying games that have a good singleplayer and multiplayer, one or two just singleplayer games are good, but you want something that you can play when you have friends over. This is why games such as Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 are great, a lot ouf us enjoy these games exponentially more when friends are playing with us. Games that have great singleplayer components that people like to watch are GTA IV and perhaps the upcoming Resident Evil 5, with that said i guess you could say we're looking for games with most bang for your buck. Think of it this way, if i spend $60 on a video game, i want 60 or more hours of gameplay out of it.  Now this philosophy is the same with PC Gaming, instead of buying STALKER: Clear Sky or Call of Duty World at War(even though i do enjoy the latter), buy Left 4 Dead, or perhaps the upcoming Dawn of War II, or go bacfk to favorites such as Team Frotress 2 or Call of Duty 4. Some of these have great singleplayer components, ie: Call of Duty 4 and Dawn of War II, so again we're looking for if i spend $50 i want atleast 50 hours or more. For me, Left 4 Dead has 70 hours of gameplay right now, as does TF2, Call of Duty 4. Call of Duty World at War $40, i've got about 28 hours of gameplay, it will make it there, but unless you're playing friends it may not be worth it. So let's do a quick review at what we've learned:

Buy smart, if you're only going to play the game once, unless you're just having a nerdgasm over it, don't buy it. Games that make require a buy that won't get a lot of play times are games such as Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Fable 2, with a great engaging story and high reviews are often worth the money, but try and limit yourself on these though, because you may never play them again.

Games with multiplayer and singleplayer compnents are great for both PC and 360 Gamers, as playing with your friends will make your play time sky rocket and the cost per hour go down.

Games that may not have reviewed as well, STALKER: Clear Sky, LOTR Conquest, Prey are probably not worth your money because you may never play them or they maybe so short it doesn't warrant the $50 price tag (i'm looking at you Prey!)

So in short, don't buy every game, just the one's you're adore for your life or get yout the most bang for your buck.


a plee for help

I've got a project i'm working on (not for college, or for school, just something i'm passionate about) If you've got skills in being a graphic designer or in photoshop please pm or drop me an e-mail at (ps, depending on how it all goes, you may get a small paycheck for your minimal amount of work)


quick reactions

Call of Duty World at War: I like it, i would give it 4.5 stars
Gears of War 2: I'd give 3.5 maybe 4 stars

I would have other games but i'm waiting to see if i'm going to get this job i applied for. wish me luck.


Fallout 3, and why it's stuck between Gears of War and HL2: EP2

woe is Fallout 3
If you click the image you will see an Xfire listing, my xfire listing of games played. notice that Fallout 3 is stuck between GoW and HL2: EP2. Now this isn't to say Fallout 3 is a bad game. But if you look up higher you will see games such as Left 4 Dead, Bioshock, and etc. So why will Fallout 3 never make it up to the level of addiction as those games. Let's make a list of reasons as to why this game fell short:

1. Convaluded presentation
2. Very Short Main Quest
3. Really bad ending, leaves no incentive to replay
4. Frustrating at times, no incentive to do anything really
5. It's just not Oblivion.

Anyone that has noticed my previous blog (simple verdics) will note that i used the operative word "maybe" in my phrase "Maybe when i have time i'll enjoy it" Well, i had time today (thanks to my thanksgiving break) and i can say that the reasons above are the main reasons i find the game a waste of money. at $50 for a game, that comes to about $3.50 per hour. Now, part of me does look at it as how much enjoyment did i get out per dollar, but to me, Fallout 3 really just fails with overall story telling. After having played it i can safely say that it feels more like a well made Oblivion mod trying to cash in on the Fallout cult, while yes you will find bits and pieaces to like (ie: i really liked Tranquility Lan and the last mission with the big Robot) in the end while there is plenty of content it's not enough to get me to play it again. So i will move on to Dead Space. Continue Left 4 Dead. Maybe restart S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, which i also fear will fallshort of my expectations, seeing as i loved the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Please check out the following:
LEFT 4 Dead Review | Previous Blog

simple verdicts

Left 4 Dead: Amazing and Fun with friends, Versus! beat Co-Op Story
Dead Space: Finally, a fun linear horror game
Spore: Fun while it lasted, at times just frustrating
STALKER: Clear Sky: I hope to get back to this when i have enough time to invest in it
Crysis Warhead: Beat it, done
Fallout 3: Maybe when i have time i'll enjoy it


Mac print to a Windows Vista printer?

Ok so i have a Windows Vista pc with an Hp Deskjet 5400 Series printer. (It's supported by both Mac and Vista). My brother just recently bought a Mac Book (one of the newest ones). Now i have spent most of the day tinkering with it trying to setup wireless printing. I want it to do what his old windows xp laptop could do. Print wirelessly by communicating with my Pc. Is there anyone that owns a Mac and a Pc or has had some expierence with this. If so help me out, all online guides don't work because they want me to find "Directory Access" which doensn't seem to exist in the newest Macs. so someone, please help me with this process.


giant bomb q&a

Well i still haven't beat STALKER Clear Sky, and i just got Fallout 3 and i pre-ordered Left 4 Dead. So no new games until i beat Fallout 3 or STALKER: Clear Sky and Left 4 Dead will be my multiplayer game until X-mas..........


Gears of War Trailers

I want you all to respect these commercials, sure Gears of War is a tad hyped, but then again what game is it. I'm really glad games are trying to branch out and be something more than testostrone filled men killing things. You know, some emotion and passion is nice every once in a while.

been a while

So i've been rather busy, taking the SAT, ACT, and my last college tests are the SAT Subject Testing. Now the subjects i chose i hope won't be massive mistakes, those subjects being: English Literature, U.S. History, and Math Level 1 (even though i'm in AP Calculus right now.) So thats why i haven't been traversing this site, plus you know that and school, social life, and family keep me pretty busy. But to update, i've pre-ordered Fallout 3, i beat Spore, working on Crysis Warhead, haven't touched much of STALKER: Clear Sky yet, probably going to focus on that during the holidays. And yeah, that's about it.

Watch this:


hey everybody!

Hey if you all could, tell me some games coming out in 2009 and 2008 that i should be looking forward too, ready set go!