my first bid war with Ebay

...and how I learned to love the atomic bomb.
Alright. Movie references aside, ever since Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake came out I had been itching to play both. Now, for some of you, you know the tale of my first and second 360, and the first game I bought for that second system. Wait?! You don't! Well then, click here.  Now that you've been informed, here is the rest of this story. Ebay! Most people have instructed me not to buy or sell on it, and really, in the wake of a 4.0 midterm I decided to treat myself...but not to full price games. So, I bid on Red Dead, originally deciding I wouldn't bid more than $15. Well I got a text from my friend while I was in the research lab saying I had lost. Ok then. I sat there for a bit, got the last two pigeons out of their operant boxes, and sat some for. Fuck this, I thought, I work my ass off, and I haven't really enjoyed a video game since...well BFBC2. So I got on, and with fifteen seconds left I put in the winning bid of $31.86, and with shipping, I will pay $35.86.
I won, that's the point.  The other point is that the game still cost $60 new (I will never pay $60 for a game). It cost $45 used. So, I win, regardless. Now I'm just waiting for paypal to confirm my bank account so that I may transfer funds and pay for the game. Also, why does paypal not let me deposit funds to it with my debit card?
Does anyone have an suggestions as to how I should approach playing Red Dead Redemption?
Also, my next two bids are on Darksiders and Halo Reach, with a limit of $15, however; I won't be letting myself go over those because the idea is to reward myself and won't be rewarding myself until Final grades are in around December.
!!! update for anyone interested....I got Darksiders and Red Dead Redemption. Darksiders was a fantastic game, strongly recommend to anyone that enjoys a good zelda-esque game. Red Dead Redemption, on the other hand, I wish i had words, however; i do not. The game doesn't work on my friends shitty 360 (I'm currently borrowing at the moment), it does work on all my other friend's 360s until I get a new 360...this will be on the back burner.