That game you were wrong in assuming it was a piece of shit...

Does anyone, those that are frequent pc gamers, remember when Lead & Gold was first announced. How it was a western?! How it had kind of the same art style as TF2?! How it was third person?! how it seemed like a cool little game designed specifically for the weary in mind?! You know the weary, those tired of putting in hundreds of hours into said games such as: TF2, CODMW2, COD4, BFBC2, DODS, CSS (ok maybe DODS, was just me). Anyways, do you remember how poorly it was reviewed? How the community was outraged at the lack of dedicated servers? (also see debacle with CODMW2). Basically how the community chewed it up and spit it back out?!
Do you?
'Cause I sure as hell do. Because I couldn't remember another time the backlash of the gaming community turned me off of a game...shit I bought F.E.A.R: Peresus Mandate (that was an awful game)
Anyways, fast forward to the past weekend during the free weekend that allowed people to play Lead & Gold and Shattered Horizons. And all I have to say is, if you have lans with your buddies, or have enough buddies to all get on the pc and play an online game together. Pick this up. When the others become insanely boring, pop it in a play. You won't regret it.