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Annoying BS #1: Slow Walkers

My biggest annoyance when I was in high school was always when kids, generally the Freshmen, would just stand right in the middle of the hallway

For the love of God.
For the love of God.
and  talk to their friends. We had a fairly large school, and only five minutes to get from one class to another, so having to pinball our way around them all was always a complete pain. And now, living in New York City and having to walk everywhere, it boggles my mind when people walk slower than the traffic. I understand that some people are older or have leg problems or whatever, that's fine, but for the everyday Joe six-packs out there, why the HELL do you not only feel the need to walk incredibly slow in front of me, but also swerve all over the damn place so that everytime I try to walk past you, you end up stepping right back in front of me. Then by the time I DO get past you I do one of those loud pissed off sighs and then nobody's happy. 
I just don't understand the point of walking slowly. Are you attempting to take in the scenery around you and enjoy the air outside? Okay, fair enough, but then why the HELL are you doing it on a nasty street polluted with hundreds of people trying to get around you? Do it in a park or something where there's an open area for you to walk as slow as your heart wishes, but the rest of us have places to be and want to waste as little time as possible in transition from one place to another. Yes, it is sad that our society has evolved to the point of us having to do things extremely fast and blah blah blah. Deal. IF you are going to walk slow, then be like a car on the highway and hog the right side of the sidewalk. And DO NOT MOVE FROM THAT POSITION. As long as I can breeze right past you, it's fine. But DO NOT SWERVE AROUND WHILE WALKING. I have a brain, I know how to walk past you, you do not have to attempt to compensate by trying to move out of my way because you're just going to end up moving in front of me. Or, just do yourself a favor and walk faster in the first place.  

Gaming Update: 

Finished Modern Warfare 2's campaign on Veteran yesterday--that's already the third time I've gone through it completely (the first time on Hardcore, the second time for all of the Intel, and then this time on Veteran). I agree with what practically everyone is saying, it was extremely easy--I actually died less than my first run on Hardcore--but it was never enfuriating like Modern Warfare 1's campaign was. I still haven't (and probably will never) gotten through that on Veteran. Also am in the process of finishing up 5 starring every mix in DJ Hero on Medium. The game's great fun, and the songs are awesome, but now that I'm finishing up all the mixes it's becoming more and more obvious how much they recycled a lot of the songs into separate mixes that sound very similar to one another. Also played Pure for the first time yesterday, and that was pretty fun. There's a lot of stuff about ATVs in it that I don't understand, but the actual racing portions were awesome. I'm still waiting on my freaking hard drive transfer kit in the mail so that I can start playing on my new Elite--it's been over a week. Why can I not just walk into a Best Buy or something and pick this up? Hmm, perhaps a subject for next time?