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Annoying BS #2: Xbox Hard Drive Transfer Kit

Rarer than a 1st Edition Charizard.
Rarer than a 1st Edition Charizard.

Now I realize that Microsoft does a lot of stupid things, specifically with hardware. But this one completely boggles my mind. We all know that the hard drive issue with the 360 is complete extortion--having to pay $30 for 512 MB of memory is ridiculous, and having to pay close to $100 for 120 GB? I could get an external hard drive over one tetrabyte for that price. But, seeing as I was completely out of space on my 20 GB hard drive, I decided I had no choice but to upgrade my console to an Elite and a 120 GB space. You would THINK that Microsoft would then attempt to compensate for that by offering some easy way to transfer all of my content from my old hard drive: not the case. 
Now I have no problem with the actual transfer kit itself. It's a bit clunky and cumbersome, and unnecessarily requires a PC (why can't I just transfer all my files through Live or something?), but at least it works as it's meant to. But explain to me WHY it's such a hassle just to get a hold of the damn thing. I can't imagine that people upgrading their hard drives is THAT rare of a concept, especially with the influx of games that have of come in this past year. Why can I not just go into a Best Buy and buy this off the shelf as if it were a wireless controller or microphone? Now, at least Microsoft had the decency [at one point] to offer the product for free if people could prove that they had upgraded their system, but that has since been revoked. You can still order the kit through them, but you have to pay for it, and worst of all wait four to six weeks for it to arrive. Preposterous. So instead what I did was order it on Ebay. But guess what, the kit isn't even an American product--it has to be imported directly from Hong Kong. Why the HECK does this need to happen? Doesn't the Xbox fail on that side of the world anyway? This should be a product I can just walk in and buy and get out, not some major complicated thing that I need to research extensively to get a hold of.  

Gaming Update:

 Finished five-starring all of the songs in DJ Hero on Medium. Quite easy. Tried a few songs on Hard, the difficulty curve seems to spike ridiculously--five starred the first couple songs, then bombed the others with three stars. But I guess that's how Guitar Hero was too. Picked up Mass Effect again to try to get into it... got a little further in, but still not into the gameplay really at all. The story and characters and dialogue are amazing, it's just the actual GAMEPLAY sections that I'm not a fan of. Also, reached Level 8 with Neutral and Bad Karma in Fallout 3, which means I have completed all Achievements [except the Mothership Zeta ones, which I've yet to download] in that game! I'll download Mothership Zeta soon, complete those, and have my first legit game in which I got all of the achievements. Sweet. I'll be away from games now for a good week while I'm at Disneyworld with my family for Thanksgiving. Hopefully when I get back the STUPID TRANSFER KIT that was supposed to be here five days ago will have finally arrived. I want to play on my Elite already. Also, Mod Nation Racers... more and more excited with each day.