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Step 1. Print out monochrome image scaled to fill a full 8"x11" sheet of paper.

Step 2. Tape printed sheet of paper to pumpkin to use as an outline.

Step 3. Poke holes along the outline of said image along straight edges, including inside and outside edges, adding more holes around curves.

Step 4. Play "connect the dots" along the path laid out by the holes poked using a knife suitable for pumpkin carving.

Step 5. Use toothpicks to strategically hold weaker joints in place after bulk of image has been cut out.

Step 6. Shove a candle up in that shit, crack open a beer, and revel in the glory of tracing an image and carving it into a pumpkin.

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Thanks for landing this 3 and a half year old necro nugget in my inbox. This thread caused me to download a chiptune package of the FF6 soundtrack and refresh my memory on the awesomeness that was that game. I hadn't made the connection until now, but just like the music in Mega Man 2 was my first introduction to what could be closest defined as heavy metal in 1989, Final Fantasy 6 was my introduction to what could most closely defined symphonic black metal/dark ambient in 1995. Turns out it's still as good as things put out nowadays by Carach Angren and Tvangeste. You'd think more amazing pieces in this fusion genre would have surfaced in the 25-to-250+ years the genres have existed. Now if I could only find a band like that which has covered this soundtrack.

@chiablo: If I'm not mistaken, FF3 was the first game in the series that had the Job system. However if you're talking about American releases, I believe you're right bout FF5 being the first game in the main series to come out that had the Job system with the PS1 re-release of that game... as long as you don't count Final Fantasy Tactics.

To your point, I was born in 1984, so I would have been 11 to 12 when I played FF6. This is also the age I got my first computer and played my first proper (non NES) adventure game. That adventure game was Leisure Suit Larry 6, and it was the best game ever because internet pornography was hard to find and I was a horny pubescent boy. I still hold a special place for it in my heart, even though I can tell in retrospect that Lucas adventures like Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max were clearly better games.

So, yes, the effect of coming-of-age combined nostalgia definitely weights my answer. However, considering how the soundtrack affects my grown-ass-man state of mind and current musical tastes, combined with how readily I was able to remember the story beats when each piece of music played and how it was able to resonate within me emotionally, I don't think nostalgia is the single driving force behind my answer. If that was the case, I would still feel something when I listened to that god awful Insane Clown Posse crap from the same time.

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I thought he died years ago. Anyway, thanks for helping videogames turn out like they have. You've had a major impact on the most advanced medium mankind has known.

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I don't know how to feel about this. The name Sega hasn't meant shit in games for a good decade. Yet somehow they're still around even in today's economic climate. Then again this is probably a lot better than just simply letting Atlus wither and die.

Good luck with Sega, Relic and Atlus.

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Does "Free The Games" qualify for its own concept page?

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Three years later, I'm up to 340 games. Within the past year, Humble Bundles have contributed as much as individually purchased games in the same time. I now have way too many games.

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Cool. I think at this point in games, his efforts and brilliance would best be focused on things other than graphics engine development. I'm glad he's back on board with Oculus, and now I have confidence the product will live up to his high standards. There was a window where I was worried it needed direct competition to live up to its hype.

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Dude who doesn't know anything about pc hardware doesn't care about pc hardware. News at eleven.

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Remember Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler? I wish that was this.