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I want it

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Coming out in November. 3 new mechs (Hatchetman, a speedy Crab, and the Cyclops), new Tropical Biome, new mission type Target Acquisition, built around map control.

Flashpoints are connected procedurally generated missions some with automatic redeployment so you can't repair mechs.


I'd be more excited for this if the game didn't suddenly sputter to a stop on certain missions for no reason and max out my ram and gpu. It's a fun game overall but just buggy still.

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At Blizzcon, it was annouced Blizzard would be doing something called the "Nexus Challenge". Where playing with friends in Co-op vs. AI, Quick Match, Unranked Draft, or Ranked modes between November 15 and January 4 will unlock free heroes and a skin in Overwatch.

Play 15 Games

Complete 15 Heroes of the Storm games with a friend before time runs out during the Nexus Challenge and you'll pick up the following in-game rewards for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm:

Oni Genji SkinZarya
Oni Genji PortraitOni Genji Portrait
Oni Genji Spray

Play 30 Games

Up your game by completing 30 Heroes of the Storm matches during the Nexus Challenge and you’ll earn a boatload of additional rewards that could turn ol’ Captain Blackheart green(er) with envy!

Orochi Hovercycle Mount
30 Day Stimpack

It sounds like a goodway to get into or back into HoTS so check out the the ID exchange thread and join the GB chat channel by typing "join /giantbomb"

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Overall pretty good set of cards, I'll think it's better then TGT overall. Some really fun looking legendaries. and overall new versions of old cards

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Infested Tauren is like the new Belcher minus the double taunt, so that's interesting. Herald sounds like a good card for deathrattle priest but yeah it's not effective by itself which kind of throws is it to the middle of the pack for legendaries.

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Did what I've done since the first Expansion annoucement, started hoarding gold from daillies from teh day of annoucement, and buy a 15 pack set because why not. This on top of my dust pile I have saved and from dusting all the cards leavin Standard should give me just about everything I'd want.

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As someone who loves Paladin (and is nervous that we'll lose all our good stuff come Standard) I got this fairly easily an quickly. HAdn't played WOW in like 5-6 years, yep that game hasn't aged well. I was always more of a Guild Wars 1/2 person anyways. But levling 1-20 wasn't bad. Mad a Drawf Hunter got to level 10 and got to Stormwind and just ran through Westfall (10-15) and Red Ridge Mountains (15-20) zones. Took me like 5/6 hours or so.

Now if only Lady Liadrin would summon Blood Elf tokens .

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PSN: mrmgmz

FighterID: mrmazgm

Timezone: US Pacific

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So how exactly do I find/setup food production in my settlement? Everything else I seem to get but I can't find a plant or seeds to save my life.

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@bradbrains: it dosen't sound like Skyrim PS3 levels of bad so I'm feeling perfectly fine with things. And it's not like i can really tell the difference between 30 and 26 fps unless I guess I'm super duper looking for it. the GB quick look (on PS4) looked fine for the most part only one kinda hitch part in a section like the foundry comparison video.