2 days and done with 50 Cent Blood in the Sand

My latest rental and probably one of the shortest games recently is 50 Cent Blood in the sand. Total of 9 chapters, 7 taking up about a hour each and a couple vehicle levels which blow by pretty quick. (I read somewhere he was shot 9 times and that is why there are 9 chapters, really?) Anyway, I always heard that the original one Bulletproof was one of the worst games out there but most reviews I saw said this sequel was a fairly fun game.

I have to agree this was a fun game and it looked pretty good. It plays like part Army of Two and The Club. You probably would get the most fun out of this playing co-op as one of 50’s G-unit members. The scoring scenarios was fun and pushed you to do certain things in game play like shoot 3 thugs before 20 seconds is up or get to some defined area before the clock ran out. This added to your point total as well as finding hidden posters, cash and targets. Some scenarios will even give you explosive rounds which were some of the most fun in the game.

I had some success at finishing the scenarios, finding the posters but absolutely no luck at finding the hidden targets. Some you just have to be looking the right way or angle to see the yellow and black target. Although I never really got a super high score at the end of the levels it was fun and gave a arcade type feel to the game.

As for the bad it was pretty quick and only kept me busy a couple days, also I think I am completely burned out on listening to rap music. I don’t listen to much rap if any but I think I reached my threshold of pain, but to others who are 50 cent fans this new music would be a plus.  

Also the G-unit member your are paired with gets annoying saying fiddy this and fiddy that, should have checked the options on that to turn it off. I know 50 cent was probably more involved with this game but is this how he wants himself portrayed? I know he has to keep up his gangsta cred but he really comes off as a jerk that keeps saying where’s mah money!

Definite rental but don’t buy this. But one theoretical question…  Why did this not come out at $50? Sheesh 50 cent, $50 price point that could have been huge!


Should have picked up Godfather The Game sooner!

My latest rental is The Godfather, was the only sandbox game that I haven’t played and for some reason at my local video store it was always rented. I have to say after playing it a bit I really enjoyed it. It plays just like a older GTA game and you play as someone making his way up the family ladder to finally become the don.

What I enjoyed the most was the extorting of local business’s and slapping around the shop owners trying to figure out what worked best to get them to pay up. Laughed out loud the first time I by accident threw a shop owner into his own oven… Also weaving your character into the Godfather story without changing it was interesting and my favorite mission has to be putting the horse head in the movie producers bed.

The only part that was disappointing was all the Microsoft points you could blow on getting a certain gun or the most powerful body guard faster than usual. I don’t think I will ever spend a penny on something like that. Was a little sad taking it back yesterday to the video store but I wanted to pick up the new 50 Cent game…

I would say this game is a definite rent and a decent purchase, been looking around lately for a good deal on one if anyone knows of one let me know!


Thoughts on Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

I didn’t really have much expectations for Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad other that wanting to see one of those weird Japanese import games focused on cute chicks fighting. In the intro cutscene seeing the two sisters getting ready to fight zombies made be laugh out loud. Heh, the character Aya got caught in the shower during this current zombie apocalypse and had to quickly don her cowboy hat, feather boa, swords and sport thong!

The game controls were pretty bad, graphics reminded me of a Playstation 2 game and I just didn’t have a lot of fun with the boring battles and confusing map to get from encounter to encounter. Right off the bat I didn’t clean my sword, guess in the game a clean sword is important and if yours is too dirty it will get stuck in zombies? So I died a bit trying to figure that out and the game manual is worthless trying to figure out any details about the game. If you are interested IGN has a decent faq at


I got in about 7 out of 20 chapters and just wasn’t having any fun anymore, really you would think scantily clad women fighting zombies would be a no-brainer and be some fun. I can’t even really say this would be a decent rental since I’m taking mine back for the next game. Hey, maybe the video store will have X-Blades left!


Thoughts on The Last Remnant

My latest rental is The Last Remnant, I was wanting to kill a month before Resident Evil 5 and thought a JPRG would be a could choice to occupy my time. At this point I'm not sure if I am going to continue playing the game after about 10 hours in.

First off the game doesn't look very good after playing my most recent JRPG Lost Odyssey. The texture pop in is really obvious on any scene and distracting. Also during battles there is so may characters that sometimes a active unit disappears and is invisible while taking his turn, also slowdown of the action happens in every turn. This is a Square Enix game?

What really might do the game in for me is the tiny lettering that you have to read for all the dialogue and battles. There is some points I have to get right up to the screen to see what a weapons stats or what is being said or the ingredients for a upgrade. I must admit I have a decent 32 inch tube tv but come on can't they make a option for big lettering? Guess I'll put the problem of tiny letter behind me when I get that HD LCD I always wanted ...

Well, maybe I take a trip to the video place to trade it in, maybe Infinite Undiscovery will be a better choice.


Just finished Call of Quantum of Solace

Continuing my run of games I just finished my rental of Quantum of Solace, almost forgot about this game due to all the great games that came out near the end of last year. Since it came from Treyarch it was very similar to playing a call of duty game which the last couple COD 4 and COD WaW have been some of my favorites. Didn't take me too long to beat only about 8-10 hours at the most. It was great they were able to use the likeness of Daniel Craig to add that extra bit of likeness to the movie but near the end it started to distract me. His dead, expressionless face seemed so odd during some of the quick time events and even during a knife fight there would be no expression, nothing! Guess it wouldn't seem as odd if your counterpart to the fight had the same dead expression but they seemed to get a bit more emotion to show in their face.
But that was a small gripe. I did get a chance to play the online multiplayer which was interesting and still had plenty of people playing so if your were interested in picking a copy up it wouldn't be a ghost town for you. They also have a different system where you earn credits which you use for upgrades and weapons. The maps and characters seemed a little simple and not as polished as COD 4 and 5 but still had that COD feel...  But the bond inspired game types were enough to hold my interest for awhile and I can see someone putting in just as much time getting new weapons and so on. If I ever see this around used I might pick it up for another play thru and a bit of multiplayer.


Just Rented Afro Samurai

Wow, I have been on a roll lately with games. Last one I tried out for a couple days was Afro Samurai. For me it was fun for the first couple of hours, the cell animation looked really cool and Samuel Jackson as the storyteller was kinda interesting. But after a couple of hours it just was fighting the same guys over and over with nothing too different to shake things up. But what really frustrated me was the camera in the game. I was forever fighting with it to look in the right direction and face my attackers. Also the perspective can get real funny and for about 5-10 minutes I got stuck hovering between two rocks, if they want a platformer where you have to hop from rock to rock with some precision a bad camera and some glitchy spots really doesn't work. May be fun for a rent but I wouldn't really shell out $60 for it. Also while Samuel Jackson as the storyteller was interesting it also got on my nerves with the constant swearing and yelling at Afro. After death and between loading he would yell AFRO!, I got so sick of that. But it did make me curious enough to want to see the cartoon and if it was any good, so it worked in one respect.


What I thought of Lord of the Rings Conquest

I loved the Lord of the Rings books and later the movies that came out but never got around to playing a Lord of the Rings video game until Lord of the Rings Conquest. I really wasn't impressed by the game and was pretty bored with it quickly. I think I played thru half of it and stopped at the evil retelling of the story. It just was a lot of running around and mashing on buttons and once and awhile getting to play as one of the hero's from Lord of the rings. Even that was underwhelming and playing as Argon or the Warrior class didn't feel too much different from each other. I wouldn't even say this was a good rental and certainly not a buy. If your a Lord of the Rings fan I won't say you should pick it up just because of what it is.  Other than it's just a sad grab for some more cash.


Operation Anchorage DLC

I was pretty excited to get Operation Anchorage DLC for Fallout 3 since I loved the game enough to play it for about 70 hours and getting 1000 gamerscore. But I have to say the DLC was less than expected for a couple of reasons. First is that since I have downloaded it I have had quite a few times now where the game just stops working, never seemed this bad before and now it did that about 3-4 times in the first hour. And my second reason is the add on was only about 2 hours long and seemed like a linear shooter and not the RPG that I had come to love. Gone is the story and getting things done in your own evil or good way. Instead of scrounging for food and water you get health from big red canisters and bullets from vending machines evenly spaced thru the module. It just didn't feel like the same game and I know it was a computer simulation from the story but they should have stuck to what worked before. Anyway $10 bucks was a little much more like $5 and I would have no issues with it. Guess I have to vote with my Microsoft points or not next month...


Recent Halo 3 multiplayer

Lately on Halo 3 the only times I have been getting on is during the double exp weekends with special game types. My favorite so far has been 3 Ball which I played a lot of this week. The only thing is that the respawn rates seem to be longer than other types of games and I cannot stand getting stuck short a man right before the game starts. Pretty much gonna lose unless you get very lucky. I wish Halo 3 could take a clue from COD World at War and a game doesnt start without a full group and they add as the game goes along. Well one can hope when ODST comes out they make a few tweaks to the multiplayer...


Giant Bomb more like Giant Bug...

Starting to wonder about this site, between things just not working or when just trying to add a game to my favorites list it just sits there and does nothing... Pretty site but not as useful Gamespot.

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