These HD games have spoiled me!

I recently went to PAX East and picked up a copy of Xenoblade: Chronicles whilst I was there. I've heard nothing but glowing things about the game and couldn't wait to give it a try. I sat down the weekend and cracked the game open and put the disk into my Wii, to find myself bewildered and offput. Not by the content of the game or it's quality. The hour or so I spend with it was quite engaging and I want to see what happens to these characters and their journey.

That is... if I can get passed the graphics.

I know this is an age old problem and the arguments for or against it were years passed. Still, as someone who hasn't turned on their Wii in a long... long, long time, I have to say that this HD generation has spoiled me greatly. I love pleasing visuals, but I have never been such to the point that graphics would teter me from playing a great game. I am not in this case either, but the graphics the Wii are capable of are far below that of current games and even in the case of Xenoblade, where the game is the penicle of what the Wii is capable of... it's still hard to look at really. Maybe these HD games have gotten the better of me. I will still play the game, most definitely, because graphics aren't enought to deter me from a great story and interesting gameplay. Both of which, so far, seem to be engrained in Xenoblade. With that said though, I have the feeling that I will be rubbing my terrible eyes constantly through the games massive story.