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This was the top Google hit when I searched for "Drew Scanlon meme" after listening to the podcast. Doing the lord's work, fellas. :D

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@ichthy said:
@truthtellah said:

@jesus_phish: After beating the level, Patrick generously offered to split it evenly instead of having all $10,000 go to his preferred charity, the AHA. He said he never expected it to get so high and wanted both charities to get money from the event.

They are still accepting donations for the next day until Thursday morning when the challenge is officially up; so, if anyone wants to up the total even further and help it pass $11,000, you can donate here:

They're both super classy individuals, despite what some people want to think. I was fully expecting that to happen if either of them won, especially since this kinda stupid thing actually brought it a decent chunk of money.

Also that goal post death... I was playing HotS with the stream in the background, and all I hear is Patrick scream NOOOOO. Had to go back and see what happened. If he hadn't beaten it shortly afterwards, man that would've been tragic.

My wife and I absolutely died laughing when that happened, followed by us immediately feeling terrible for Patrick. I have never seen him look so heartbroken. Watching Dan's Periscope stream simultaneously was an amazing experience.

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@chaser324 said:

@mrsmiley: I don't know...I kinda disagree with saying that there's no "trick" to it. In terms of execution, it's certainly far more straightforward for the most part, but discovering the correct path and the necessary series of events to access it will be far from simple. The level is covered with red herrings and places where Patrick could potentially waste a ton of time doing stuff that gets him no closer to actually figuring out how to reach the end.

Right, but those aren't "tricks" as much as they are simply figuring out the puzzles in the level. To me, "trick" levels are the ones that require insane maneuvers by throwing and bouncing on shells, hitting items as they fall in mid-air, and stuff like that. Dan's level is basically a more-complicated version of a Nintendo-made Ghost House level than anything else. Those levels often require back-tracking, have false endings, etc that requires trial and error before completion.

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@aegon: @humanity: Here's a link to a playthrough of The Ryckoning:

Wow... just... wow. Dan is kinda of a genius. He's totally right, too. There really is no "trick" and you don't even really have to do any crazy moves like throwing a trampoline into a wall and bouncing off of it or stuff like that. I never in a million years would have thought to use the goomba like that. To me that's probably the most difficult part of the level (along with not dying on the stupid note blocks).

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*bookmarks thread*

dis gon b gud

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I put out another video this week too: This one's a Contradiction opening! There's even some freezeframe Giant Bomb-related easter eggs in there:

Loading Video...

That is amazing.

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Great feature!

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@larmer said:

I thought Contradiction was great because it was hilariously terrible. It's weird for the creators and cast to be so thankful. I wouldn't be proud of that thing if I were them.

Um... I hope you realize it's intentionally terrible. Most of the actors are quite good at normal acting, but are all hamming it up for the game... which is why it's so good! That's why the creators are so happy to see people laughing at the game.

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Damn fine writing as always, Austin, and I agree 100%. As much as I enjoyed Arkham Knight, I was always looking for something more. I realized this when I heard a specific line from one of the "bad guys" who was driving around. Most of the lines are pretty dumb "I could beat the Bat!" type of stuff, but this one stuck with me, and it's something along the lines of:

"Let's swing by a toy store, I promised my kid I would get him a present."

This tiny shred of humanity made me actually stop playing and ponder the fact that these nameless thugs were actually real people. Some had wives. Some had kids. Sometimes I heard regret or fear in their voices while I listened in on their private conversations. But when all was said and done, they are simply punching bags on the receiving end of Batman's torture techniques.

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@hassun said:

Thank you Austin for making incredibly uninteresting and meaningless news like the E3 game awards fun to read. Your awards are more real than the awards handed out at the show.