Best of 2010

MrWoks: Best of 2010

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  • One of my favorite PS3 titles. It combines huge battles grounds with methodical, intellegent and deep gameplay.

  • Compelling story, script and interesting characters made this a fantastic, if flawed PS3 title.

  • Continuing this infamous series. Call of Pripyat took what made the orginal so involving, smoothed out the gameplay and removed the majourity of the countless bugs that plagued the 2 prequils. A surreal, haunting and overall incredible experience.

  • The gritty, atmospheric feel of this game accompanied by very interesting gameplay mechanics was enough for me to sink quite a few hours into the first MMO style game i had played in years.

  • Extremely satisfying gameplay and an incredibly detailed, varied world made Just Cause 2 one of 2010's biggest surprises for me.

  • Highly replayable multiplayer, with a well thoughtout matchmaking and leaderboard structure made this game the most watched game of 2010.

  • Although it copied almost everything from it's mod counterpart "DOTA". HON added enough new features and reimagined visuals to get me hooked, for atleast a few mounths of this year.

  • Great DLC PSN title with lots or replayability. Great fun.